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Ancestors in Canada 150 Years Ago

(This is part of the Canada's 150th Genealogy Challenge ) 3rd great-grandfather, Charles Stewart Wood:  Charles was living in Ontario, likely in the South Dumfries, Brant County area.  He was was 24 and likely working as a farm laborer on 1 July, 1867.  He came to Ontario with his family (see Jane below) from County Cavan, Ireland around 1854.  Charles left Canada for Michigan a few years after 1867, but returned (to British Columbia) and spent the last years of his life there, dying in 1918. 3rd great-grandmother, Didame "Damie" Beam Wood:  Damie was living in East Zorra, Oxford, Ontario, in 1867 and was 14 at the time.  A native Ontarian, she later moved to Michigan with husband Charles (above), where she died in 1895. 4th great-grandfather, Josiah Beam:  Josiah was born in the US, likely Pennsylvania, in 1811.  When he came to Ontario, I don't know, but he was there by 1838.  Josiah was 55 and likely living in East Zorra working as a farm laborer in 1867.  Th

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