Monday, June 30, 2014

Discoveries Yet to Make

In terms of genealogical breakthroughs, this past year or so has been by far the best.  In particular, I've broken through my two most nagging "brick walls," by learning the parents of Heman Doyle and (most satisfying of all) my great-grandmother, Maria Nicola "Nicoletta" D'Accia.  All of these wonderful developments have made me re-evaluate what mysteries I am still wanting to solve:

Allen, Joseph.  There is so much I want to learn - his birthplace and parents names in particular.
Clemen(t)s, Elizabeth.  Unlike her husband above, I know the names of Elizabeth's parents.  However, that is about all I know.
Wood, Charles S.  I know a lot about Charles and his family - I just can't find a date and place of death for him.  I'm thinking he died sometime between 1910 and 1915.  However, I have yet to find a death or cemetery record for him in Michigan.  I'm planning on expanding my search to Ontario and British Columbia, Canada and the US states of New York and Missouri - all places where Charles had family members.

Berger.  I came across a newspaper articles wherein a Judge admonished my great-great-grandmother for allowing her husband's probate case to remain open for over nineteen years.  I've been itching for a copy of that record ever since (although I know it will be huge and likely very expensive).
Mason, Priscilla.  So many leads, so many random possible clues, so much I don't know...  Everything about Priscilla from before her marriage is unknown to me.  Priscilla is where my direct maternal line (mother's mother's mother's, etc.) ends, making it especially important to me to solve this mystery.
Mott, Jacob Coles.  I know there was a probate file for him.  Unfortunately, it was misplaced at some point and never found - and that is incredibly irritating to me.
Nielsen, Niels Christian.  His parents and birthplace as well as year of arrival in the US, are completely unknown to me.  I'd also like to have a copy of his naturalization record.
Petersen, Engeline Christine.  Same as her husband Niels above.
Wadd, Martha.  When Martha's youngest daughter was "about two," Martha died.  I want some more concrete information than that.
Webb, Martin.  What I do know about Martin is thanks to census records and his will.  Where did Martin come from before showing up in Indiana in 1820?  Who were his parents?  When was he born, married and died - and where?  Was his wife's maiden name really Leet(s)?

This list is by no means complete.  The above are merely the mysteries bugging me the most.  Now to pick a starting point...