I took my first DNA test through FamilyTreeDNA in November of 2010 and then had both my parents tested through 23andMe in December of 2010.  I am very interested in DNA and genetic genealogy and love learning everything I can on the subject.

My father's DNA results:

  • Y-DNA: R1b1b2a1a2d*, L2-
  • Y-DNA Surname: Allen/Allan
  • Y-DNA Known Migration Path: Michigan>Ohio>Pennsylvania>Ireland>Scotland; arrived in the US (Pennsylvania) around 1850.
  • Most Distant Y-DNA Ancestor: Joseph Allen, b. circa 1824 in Ireland; d. aft. 1880, probably in Trumbull Co., Ohio
  • mtDNA: N1a
  • mtDNA Known Migration Path: Michigan>Ohio>Apulia, Italy; arrived in the US in 1920
  • Most Distant mtDNA Ancestor: Maria Nicoletta Riccia (last name could be wrong), b. 1892 in Foggia, Apulia, Italy; d. 1987, Warren, Trumbull, Ohio
My mother's (and mine) DNA results:
  • mtDNA: K1a4a1
  • mtDNA Known Migration Path: California>Oregon>Indiana>Kentucky; believed that the family came from Tennessee and before then North Carolina.  European origin and arrival date in the US are unknown though I believe the family was Irish.
  • Most Distant mtDNA Ancestor: Nancy Moore, b. circa 1790, probably in TN (which was then part of NC); d. aft. 1850, probably in Lawrence Co., Indiana.

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