Monday, October 29, 2012

An Oreo for George

George Albert Wood died at the somewhat young age of fifty-four in the same area where he grew up.  Doing no further research on him, it would be easy to assume he never left that area.

In fact, with the exception of a few year's in his wife's native Cleveland, he had spent forty-five or so years of his life in the same area of Jackson County, Missouri.  With a common name like George Wood though, he had been difficult to find in Missouri in the 1940 US Census.  I decided to examine his death certificate from 1945 for clues as to where he was in 1940.  Two things immediately jumped out:

1) George had only been in the location of his death for about two months and 2) his occupation is given as the manager of the "National Bis. Co. Texas."  Also listed is Amarillo for his usual residence.  Interestingly, in the 1930 US Census George was still in his hometown and gives his occupation as a salesman for "National Biscuit."  Clearly he hadn't changed employers between 1930 and his death in 1945.

From there I decided to look for George in Texas at the time of the "old man's draft" in 1942:

He is still in Amarillo and still working for the National Biscuit Co.  All this means he was likely in Amarillo for the 1940 US Census - and sure enough he was.  At the same address, his occupation is given as manager of "Biscuit Company."

Because of where George died I had thought that finding a death notice for him would be difficult.  But, because of the years he worked in Amarillo, I struck pay dirt (twice actually).  It just goes to show that where a person died isn't necessarily the only place that would carry a death notice for them.

The Amarillo Globe (Amarillo, TX), 5 Nov 1945, page 2
So, what does all this have to do with Oreos?  Well, National Biscuit Company is still around... better known as Nabisco and Oreos are one of their flagship products... and also Oreos are one of my very favorite sweet treats (double stuff of course, with milk).  In fact, I think I'll have one in George's honor tonight!

(For anyone wondering what my connection is: George's uncle, Charles, was my 3rd great-grandfather)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Surname Saturday: Cook

My connection to the Cook family is through my great-great-grandmother, Marion Wood Allen.  Her sister, Eleanor, married Jacob Cook.

Eleanor "Ella" Wood was born 14 August, 1872 in Summit Twp., Jackson, Michigan.  She died in 1965 and was buried in Vinewood Cemetery, Edmore, Montcalm, Michigan.  She married Jacob Cook on 20 November, 1894 in Home Twp., Montcalm, Michigan.

Jacob Cook was born 12 October, 1871 in Freedom, Ingham, Michigan and died in 1950.  His parents were Jacob Cook and Caroline Weissinger.

Eleanor and Jacob had the following:
  1. Edward Cook (1895-1967) m. Frances L. Pixley
  2. George Frederick Cook (1896-1950) m. Vadah Rowley
  3. Anna Cook Crawford (1898-1990) m. Robert Crawford
  4. Clyde C. Cook (1900-1933) m. M. Ernestine Long
  5. Walter L. Cook (1904-1957) m. Doris E. Bollinger
Jacob and Eleanor had at least four grandchildren and likely more.  There is a lot about this family I don't know.  I do have some additional information and documentation I have not shared here.  If you are connected with this family, do please contact me.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

SNGF: Longest Gravestone Line

What a fun challenge this week!  I hadn't ever thought to look and determine which was my longest unbroken line of gravestone.  I really didn't think I could get very far, but then I remembered that there were quite a few on Fin-A-Grave.  I ended up being able to go a good ways back on some of my lines.

1. My grandfather, Everett Heman Shinn (1925-2000), Woodbridge Masonic Cemetery (Woodbridge, San Joaquin, CA).  Photo here.

2. My great-grandmother, Gladys Viola Healey Shinn (1898-1998), Stockton Woodland Mausoleum (Stockton, San Joaquin, CA).  Photo here.

3. My great-great-grandfather, Lauren Everett Healey (1873-1959), Greenlawn Memorial Park (Colma, San Mateo, CA).  No photo online.

4. My 3rd great-grandfather, Comfort G. Healey (1838-1910), Greenlawn Memorial Park (Colma, San Mateo, CA).  No photo online.

5. My 4th great-grandmother, Mary Lee Scott Haley (1809-1893), Irvington Memorial Cemetery (Fremont, Alameda, CA).  Photo here.

6. My 5th great-grandfather, John Scott (1768-1855), Chebogue Cemetery (Rockville, Nova Scotia).  Photo here.

7. My 6th great-grandmother, Lucie/Lucy Ring Scott (1751-1777), Chebogue Cemetery (Rockville, Nova Scotia).  Photo here.

8. My 7th great-grandfather, George Ring (1726-1776), Chebogue Cemetery (Rockville, Nova Scotia).  Photo here.

9. My 8th great-grandfather, Samuel Ring (1694-1768), Old Burying Ground (Kingston, Plymouth, MA).  No photo, memorial here.

I can also go aways back through my great-grandfather:

2. My great-grandfather, Elmer John Shinn (1877-1946), Stockton Woodland Mausoleum (Stockton, San Joaquin, CA).  Photo here.

3. My great-great-grandfather, Heman Doyle Shinn (1853-1928), Stockton Woodland Mausoleum (Stockton, San Joaquin, CA).  Photo here.

4. My 3rd great-grandmother, Mariah Adelaide Doyle Shinn (1833-1917), Woodbridge Masonic Cemetery (Woodbridge, San Joaquin, CA).  Photo here.

5. My 4th great-grandmother, Alzina Jackman Doyle (1810-1890), Woodbridge Masonic Cemetery (Woodbridge, San Joaquin, CA).  Photo here.

6. My 5th great-grandmother, Rhoda Collins Jackman (1781-1811), Union Cemetery (Livonia, Livingston, NY).  No photo, memorial here.

7. My 6th great-grandfather, John Collins (1754-1833), Graves Cemetery (Mendon, Monroe, NY).  Photo here.

8. My 7th great-grandfather, Thomas Collins (1725-1793), Riverside Cemetery (Ira, Rutland, VT).  Photo here.

Surname Saturday: Evans of Trumbull County, Ohio

Early into my research on my paternal line, I discovered that the Evans family of Trumbull and Mahoning counties, Ohio were quite prominent and numerous.  The portion of the family I am related to lived in Mineral Ridge and later, the Girard area of Trumbull County.

My connection to the Evans family is through my great-great-grandfather's sister, Mary C. Allen.  Mary married Thomas J. Evans.  Thomas was the son of John Luster/Lester and Hannah (Ludwig/Ludwick) Hocker Evans.

Mary C. Allen was born 2 January, 1855 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania.  She died on 30 April, 1940 in Girard, Trumbull, Ohio.  She married Thomas J. Evans in March of 1870, likely in either Trumbull or Mahoning County, Ohio.

Thomas J. Evans was born 22 October, 1854 in Evansville, Mahoning, Ohio.  He died 1 March, 1930 in Girard, Trumbull, Ohio.  They had the following children:
  1. Emma Evans Baker (1873-1927)
  2. Nellie/Lilly Grace Evans Miller (1875-aft 1940)
  3. Robert Thomas Evans (1876-aft 1945)
  4. Elizabeth Hannah "Bertie" Evans Walters (1879-aft 1940)
  5. William J. Evans (1881-aft 1940)
  6. Ella P. Evans (1890-1923)
All but Emma and Ella left descendants, including: Elizabeth Mary Miller Black, June Evans, Mary Grace Walters Gautchi Cross, Marguerite Evans.

If you are related to this family, please contact me.  I have additional information and documentation not shared here.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Election of 1912

This being a presidential election year, I thought it might be interesting to re-examine the voter rolls of my ancestors from one hundred years ago.  It was also a special presidential election because it was the first my female ancestors in California were able to vote in.

My great-grandmother was too young in 1912, but her mother, sister and sister-in-law all appeared on the rolls - as did her father and brother:

Yreka Precinct Ward 1
Siskiyou, CA Voter Rolls 1912, page 125
I think it is interesting that my great-great-grandfather is registered as a Socialist and the rest of his family is not.  I wonder if it created any familial friction...

My great-grandfather, his brother, sister and his mother all were registered:

Oakland Precinct 132
Alameda, CA Voter Rolls 1912
So was my great-great-great-grandmother and her daughter:

San Francisco Assembly District 25
San Francisco, CA Voter Rolls 1912

...And her son, my great-great-grandfather, whose name is quite mutilated on the roll:

Alameda Precinct 2
Alameda, CA Voter Rolls 1912
As well as my great-grandfather and his father:

Woodbridge Precinct
San Joaquin, CA Voter Rolls 1912
If my ancestors decided the winner in 1912 (assuming they voted along party lines), all added up the results are:
Woodrow Wilson: 4
Theodore Roosevelt: 0*
William H. Taft: 8
Eugene V. Debs: 2

*My great-grandmother (who was only a girl in 1912) always loved Theodore Roosevelt, so it is possible her father Lauren voted for him in 1912 instead of the Socialist candidate, Debs.