Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Surname Christmas Tree

The "?" at the top stands for all the unknowns I have in my tree which I aspire to discover.

Made in Word.  Then I took a screen shot, pasted into Paint and saved as a .jpeg.  Font used is "Always In My Heart."  Thanks to Genea-Musings for the Saturday Night Fun!

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Surname Saturday - Letter B

Below are my direct line surnames, beginning with the first definitely known person of each line.

  • My first definite Beam was Josiah, my 4th great-grandfather.  Josiah's parents were probably John Beam and Deborah Bell.  Josiah was born in 1811 in either the US or Canada.  He married Susannah Horton and they had at least ten children.  Their daughter Di(a)dame was my ancestor.  Diadame was born in 1852 in East Zorra, Oxford, Ontario, Canada.  She married Charles S. Wood there and the family eventually settled in Rolland Twp., Isabella, Michigan.  I descend from Diadame and Charles' daughter, Marion.

Berger (also Barger)
  • Carl Jakob Berger was born in 1761 in Rinnthal, Germany.  He married Catharina Kupper/Katharina Kupher in 1784.  Their son, Michael Heinrich Berger, was born in 1788 and married Elisabetha Fredricka Matz.  Carl died in 1821.  Michael and his family came to Stark Co., Ohio around 1832 and finally Marshall Co., Indiana a few years later.  The family's surname was also spelled 'Barger' at this time.  Michael and Fredricka's son, John William, was my ancestor.  John and his family settled in Oakland, Alameda, California in 1890.
  • Thomas Branson was my 7th great-grandfather.  He first appears in Springfield Twp., Burlington, New Jersey in 1703.  He married Elizabeth Day and their daughter, Sarah, was my ancestor.  Sarah married  1st Joshua Owens, and then 2nd George Shinn in 1749.  My line descends from Sarah's son, John Shinn.

  • My 8th great-grandfather, Ephraim Bullen, was married to Grace Fairbanks.  My ancestor, their son, John Bullen, married Sarah Underwood.  John and Sarah's daughter, Grace, married Ebenezer Healy and relocated with him from Massachusetts to Nova Scotia, Canada.  I descend from Grace and Ebenezer's son, Comfort Healy.
*I spend very little time researching my pre-Revolutionary War lines.  While I welcome contact regarding these lines, I will likely have little information to offer.  Fortunately, most of these lines hail from New England and are thus well documented elsewhere, in print and online.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Surname Saturday - Letter A

Below are my direct line surnames, beginning with the first definitely known person of each line.  I do not include pre-Revolutionary War surnames unless I have researched the families.

(Thanks to 'Begin with Craft' for the idea)

Allen (also Allan)

  • My 3rd great-grandfather, Joseph Allen, was born around 1817 in either Ireland or Scotland.  The earliest record I have for him is the 1850 US Census, where he was enumerated in Shenango Twp., Lawrence, Pennsylvania.  He moved to Trumbull Co., Ohio before 1860 and primarily lived in Weathersfield.  He disappears from records after the 1880 US Census.  He married Elizabeth Clemens and they had at least seven children.  Their youngest (John Grant Allen) was my ancestor.  John Grant Allen moved to Michigan where he settled and had a family.  They lived in Blanchard, Isabella, Michigan, then Manistee, Manistee, Michigan and finally Jackson, Jackson, Michigan.  

Allmen (also Allman, Almen/Alman, Ollmen/Ollman, vonAllmen)

  • Christian vonAllmen was my 3rd great-grandfather.  He was born in 1814 in Unterseen, Canton Bern, Switzerland.  He married Barbara Steiner.  They came to Olney, Richland, Illinois around 1844 and dropped the 'von' from their surname.  They moved to Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana between 1857 and 1860.  They had at least six children.  Their daughter, Susanna, was my ancestor.  Christian died in Evansville in 1887.

Asay (also Easy)

  • My 4th great-grandmother, Elizabeth Asay, was born around 1785 in Springfield Twp., Burlington, New Jersey.  She married John Shinn in 1809 and they had nine children.  Their son John R. Shinn was my ancestor.  She died in 1863 in Mansfield Twp., Burlington, New Jersey.  Elizabeth's parents could have been John Asay and Jane Shreve.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Frank's Obituary

"Frank Croad

    Frank Croad, 85, a resident of Saucier for 43 years and a native of Pontprede, South Wales, died Tuesday at the Stone County Hospital in Wiggins.
    Mr. Croad, born Aug. 3, 1886, was a retired superintendent with the Kettler Elliott Company and resided in Chicago, Ill., prior to moving to Saucier.
    He was a member of the Saucier United Methodist Church, the Carpenter's Union Local in Gulfport and the Masonic Lodge at Perkinston.
    He is survived by two sons, Fred Croad, Los Angeles, Calif., and Robert Croad, Cayce, S.C.; and three grandchildren.
    Friends may call at Riemann Funeral Home in Gulfport this evening after 6 o'clock.
    The funeral service will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the funeral home chapel with the Rev. Pete Herndon, pastor of the Ramsay Memorial United Methodist Church, officiating, assisted by the Rev. Thomas Cumberland, pastor of the Saucier United Methodist Church.  Interment will be in Evergreen Cemetery with Masonic services at the graveside."

Biloxi Daily Herald, 13 Jan., 1972

Frank was also survived by the following siblings: Florence Croad Betser, Anna Croad Winger Tennis, George Croad, Daisy Croad Allen (my great-grandmother), Bertha Croad Burns, Charles Croad, Bessie Croad Taylor and William Croad.  Anyone wanting a copy of the actual obituary, please contact me.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Pursuing Federal Naturalization Records

Inspired by Amy at We Tree, I submitted a request for the naturalization records for my 2nd great-grandfather, Frederick Rendle Croad to USCIS.

The USCIS has records dating back to 1906 so I wasn't sure if they would have any information on Fred or not.  After arriving in the US in 1892, he left a confusing trail of differing naturalization clues:
  • 1) 1900 US Census, Fred states that he has filed his "first papers" 
  • 2) 1910 US Census, Fred states that he is a naturalized citizen
  • 3) 1920 US Census, Fred states that he naturalized in 1911
  • 4) 1930 US Census, Fred incorrectly gives 1896 as his arrival year, states that he is naturalized ("NA") and the year 1915 is crossed out under "NA."
I took a chance and first requested a search of the USCIS index.  About two weeks later I received a reply in the mail which stated that Fred (as Freadrick Randal Croad) naturalized in the Circuit Court at Big Rapids, Michigan on 13 February, 1911.

Also included was his certificate of naturalization number, which I needed today when I submitted my request for his full "C-File."

I was concerned that because of the government shutdown, the genealogy section of the USCIS would be affected, but this does not seem to be the case (their website works fine and they had no problem taking my money).  So, now I wait for Fred's file, which I do not expect to be very thick or detailed.  My biggest question concerning Fred (his naturalization date) has already been answered, so anything else I get out of his file will just be an added bonus.

These records (and the search to see if they even have the records) are not cheap, but I eventually also plan on ordering the files on my great-grandparents.  I already have their naturalization records from their county of residence but I'm intrigued by some of what the USCIS says are exclusive to their files:

"...USCIS C-Files also include several certificate sub-series not duplicated in court records. These unique records relate to: 

  • Additional applications, correspondence, and documents relating to a specific judicial naturalization; 
  • Applications for certificates of derivative citizenship (by wives and children of U.S. citizens); 
  • Applications for replacement certificates of citizenship or certificates of naturalization..."
Since my great-grandfather had to apply twice (there was a question of his character the first time), I'm especially curious as to what extras USCIS might have on him...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Correcting an Obituary

One thing I like about having a blog (and website) for genealogy, is that when I get a record with obvious errors and/or omissions in it, it is easy to post the corrections so any other researchers can find them and not have to carry on with incorrect information.  One such example of this is the obituary for my great-great-grandfather's sister:

"Mrs. Rebecca Shetterly

    Rebecca Weldons was born in Sumerville, Ky., May 9, 1839, and died at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. Guy Pelham, after an illness of two years, being bedfast since last July, at the age of 87 years, 4 months.  She was united in marriage to Benj. F. Shetterly of Des Moines, Ia., After 54 years of married life the husband died leaving two children, C. G. Sheterly and W. D. Shetterly, both of Olathe.  She then lived the remaining years with her granddaughter in Olathe.  Her pleasant disposition and likable ways made her a number of friends who were saddened to hear of her death.  Although she suffered so much and knew she would never be well again, she always had a smile and kind word for every one.  She was especially fond of children and always willing to do those little things that count so much in everyday and lasting friendship.
    The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Welch at the family home on West Elm street, Tuesday, September 23.  Burial was made in the Olathe cemetery.  She is survived by son, C. G. Shetterly of Olathe and ten grandchildren, three brothers and one sister of Hartford, Ia."

From the Johnson County Democrat, Olathe, Kansas, 25 September, 1924.  I have the original image for anyone interested.

Rebecca's maiden name was actually Wellons and she was born in Somerset, Pulaski, Kentucky (not Sumerville).  I have Rebecca being born in 1837, not '39, but I could be wrong.  She and her husband actually had more children than just C(larance). G(ilbert). and W(illiam). I(saiah, not D.): Jemima Belle, John T. and Lewis Eldred.  The two mentioned in the obituary were the only two who were alive when Benjamin F. Shetterly died in 1910.

When Rebecca died, her living siblings (mentioned in the obituary) were Jemima Catherine Wellons Hurst in Hartford, Iowa; Henry J. Wellons in Muscatine, Iowa; Andrew Jackson Wellons in Richland, Iowa; John Fremont Wellons in Lincoln, Iowa.  Her brother, George Washington Wellons, was also alive and living in the Yreka area of California.

Rebecca's parents were John Chap(p)le Wellons and Sarah Elizabeth Hudson.  Her brother, George, was my ancestor.  Anyone connected with anyone mentioned in this post, please contact me for more information.

NOTE: Many thank yous to the Johnson County Genealogical Society and Johnson County Public Library for finding this obituary for me.  More information on obtaining obituaries from them can be found here

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Updated AncestryDNA Results

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ancestry had updated my DNA results (above).  I was even more pleasantly surprised to see how detailed my new estimates were.

None of the above is unexpected to me.  Since a quarter of my ancestry comes from Southeastern Italy, I think that is where most, if not all, of the small percentage returns originate from.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The (Half) Year in Review

Since 2013 is about half over, I thought I'd put together a little list of all my genealogy accomplishments so far, as well as what I'd like to work on in the last half of the year.  Although this blog doesn't reflect it, this has actually been a really fruitful few months:

  • I found my grandparents marriage and re-marriage records
  • I found marriage records for my grandmother's siblings
  • I found a death date for my great-great-grandmother, Marion Wood Allen
  • I found a death place and confirmed the death date for my great-grandfather, Joseph J. Allen
  • I found WWI service information for Joseph J. Allen
  • I found burial records for numerous ancestors and relatives
  • I found naturalization records (YAY!) for my great-grandparents, Giuseppe and Maria Nicoletta Riccia Lapiccirella
  • I found my great-grandfather's brother's naturalization record, which finally led me to the ship manifest with his name on it
  • I found a birth record for one of my biggest brick walls, Heman Doyle, and the names of his parents
  • I found War of 1812 service information for Peter Doyle, Heman's newly found father
  • I found at least two siblings for Heman Doyle
  • I found numerous newspaper articles, mainly for my Wood and vonAllmen ancestors, which filled in many holes in my research
  • I found various land records for New York ancestors and relatives
Now for what I'd like to accomplish before 2014:
  • Find Peter Doyle's pension file and learn the pension laws surrounding the War of 1812
  • Find Peter Doyle's War of 1812 service record and more information on the Siege of Fort Erie (he was killed in that battle)
  • Find more information on Heman Doyle's siblings and half-siblings and learn more about Heman's mother, Rebeca (especially who she remarried after Peter's death)
  • Find more information on the 11th US Army Infantry Regiment during the War of 1812 and 270th MP Company during WWI
  • Find naturalization records for my grandmother's siblings
  • Explore the 1921 Canadian Census (if it is ever released!) and hopefully locate various Wood, McFadden/Morton and Beam relatives in Ontario and British Columbia
  • Get death records and obituaries for Joseph J. Allen and Marion Wood Allen
  • Find a burial location for Marion Wood Allen
  • Make ancestor timelines and update the ones I've already made
  • Revise or create research plans for my remain brick walls
  • Return to researching lines and families I haven't in awhile (I've been pretty heavily focused on just a few families in the past couple months and want to break out of that)
So there it all is.  If my research this year has a theme, it would be to look in surprising places - as nearly all of my discoveries have come from searching "outside the box."  

While I see that I've done a lot, I still have plenty to keep me busy in the months to come.  Onward!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mary Anna's Timeline

"Create a timeline for a female ancestor using your favorite software program or an online timeline generator such as OurTimelines.  Post an image of it or link." - From The Accidental Gnealogist, Fearless Females Prompts

In (belated) honor of Women's History Month, here is a timeline of the (very full) life of my great-great-grandmother (and the woman I inherited my mtDNA from), Mary Anna Webb Wellons:

~ 25 January, 1862.  Mary Anna Webb is born in Lawrence County, Indiana (likely somewhere near the Sheeks family's farm, where her father worked as a laborer).  She is the youngest of ten children of Andrew Webb and Priscilla Mason.
~ 17 August, 1862.  Mary's two eldest brothers, John Martin and Samuel Polk Webb enlist in the Union Army.
~ 1863.  Mary's brother, John Martin Webb, dies at age 20.  According to his tombstone, he died 5 April, 1863 but several records state that he received a disability discharge on 3 November, 1863.
~ 16 May, 1863.  Mary's mother, Priscilla, dies at age 41.
~ 22 September, 1864.  Mary's brother, William Newton Webb, enlists in the Union Army.
~ November, 1864.  The Webb family moves to Mattoon, Coles County, Illinois.
~ 4 December, 1864.  Mary's brother, Samuel Polk Webb, is killed in the battle of Overalls Creek.
~ 8 April, 1865.  Mary's father, Andrew, remarries, Rhoda Dandridge.
~ 14 May, 1865.  Mary's brother, Abram Jackson Webb, dies at age 10.
~ 22 January, 1866.  Mary's half-brother, Henry Dow Webb, is born three days before her 4th birthday.
~ September, 1866.  The Webb family moves to Monmouth Twp., Shawnee, Kansas.
~ circa 1869.  The Webb family moves to Crawford County, Kansas.  Mary's half-brother, Walter Edmond, is born here on 4 May.
~ 26 March, 1870.  Mary's half-brother, Henry Dow Webb, dies.
~ 25 April, 1872.  Mary's half- brother, James Ray Webb, is born.
~ circa 1873.  Mary is sent to do housekeeping work for a doctor's family.
~ 14 November, 1873.  James Ray Webb dies.
~ 1875.  Mary's half-sister, Lilly Timberline Webb is born on 2 June while the family is moving to Colorado.  Mary's step-mother, Rhoda, dies not long after.  Family settles in Trinidad, Las Animas, Colorado.
~1876.  The family moves to Animas, La Plata, Colorado.
~ June, 1878.  Mary marries George Washington Wellons.  She is 16, he is 29.
~ 22 November, 1878.  Mary and George's first child is born, Ebben Boulder Wellons.
~ 1 April, 1880.  Mary and George's 2nd child is born, Hermosa Florita "Flo" Wellons.
~ 3 August, 1882.  Mary and George's 3rd child, Edna Mae Wellons, is born.
~ 17 August, 1882.  Mary's father, Andrew, remarries again, to Eliza Unknown.
~ 11 April, 1884.  Mary and George's son, John Chapple Wellons, is born.
~ circa 1886.  The Wellons (and several members of the Webb) family move to Oregon, first Lake County and then Klamath County.
~ 28 September, 1886.  Mary and George's daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Wellons, is born.
~ circa 1890.  Mary and George's daughter, Fleeda Leone Wellons, is born and dies.
~ 29 April 1891.  Mary and George's daughter (my great-grandmother), Georgiana Wellons, is born.
~ April, 1892.  The Wellons family moves to Siskiyou County, California
~ 20 July, 1894.  Mary and George's son, William Andrew Wellons, is born.
~ 2 April, 1898.  Mary's half-brother, Walter Edmond Webb, dies.
~ 20 January, 1902.  Mary's sister, Nancy Ann Webb Wiley, dies.
~ 18 November, 1902.  Mary's father, Andrew J. Webb, dies.
~ 1908.  Mary and George's son, Ebb, graduates from the University of California (at Berkeley).
~ 31 January, 1912.  Mary and George's son, Ebb, dies.
~ 11 July, 1912.  Mary and George's first grandchild, Frank LeRoy Benson, is born.
~ 14 April, 1917.  Mary and George's daughter, Sarah Elizabeth "Sadie" Wellons Benson, dies.
~ 2 November, 1913.  Mary's brother, George Washington Webb, dies.
~ 16 July, 1919.  Mary's brother, William Newton Webb, dies.
~ 12 May, 1926.  Mary Anna Webb dies in Yreka, Siskiyou, California.  She suffered a heart attack and died while make a bed in the inn she ran with her husband.  She was 64.

Mary outlived her parents, at least nine of her thirteen siblings (and very likely the other four as well), three of her children, and at least one grandchild.  Her husband of nearly fifty years, George Washington Wellons, outlived her by almost six years.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another Generation In America?

I have gleefully been exploring the Trumbull Co. records recently added on FamilySearch.  Among the discoveries was the naturalization information of my great-grandfather's brother.  I had never been able to figure out when he arrived in the US before this:

From there, I was able to find him arriving at Ellis Island on 2 April, 1903 on the ship Citta di Napoli.  But, perhaps the best discovery in this saga are what is written by his entry in the manifest:

"Father La Piccirella Matteo at ? NJ."
My great-grandfather's father's name was Matteo.  I had never considered that my great-grandfather and his brother weren't the first in their family to come to America, but apparently their father had also - at least for some period of time.

The only thing I cannot make out is where in America Nicola was headed when he arrived (and by extension, where his father was living).  I cannot decipher the place above, nor elsewhere on the manifest:

I'm leaning towards it being somewhere in New Jersey, though that could just as easily say "NY."  Does anyone have any ideas on what that could say?  Help please!

I did find a Matteo Lapiccirella in Walkill, Orange, New York in 1900, though no communities in that area seemed to match the above.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Brief Note to Begin the Year

This little blog has certainly been neglected, something I hope to fix in the new year - but not quite yet.

My father passed away unexpectedly on the 9th of November.  Saying it has turned my world upside down would be an understatement.  Honestly, the thought of researching deceased relatives has just been too much for me until fairly recently.  But, I am slowly getting back into what I love (genealogy) and this blog will be updated accordingly.

Since I haven't checked this blog in nearly two months, there were more than a few (okay, many) comments waiting to be moderated.  If you happened to be one of those whose comment never got published or responded to, then I am sorry and I will be getting back to you shortly, I promise!  I especially want to make mention of the fact that a descendant of my great-great-grandmother, Marion Wood Allen, left a comment.  I cannot tell you how excited I was to see that note - however, I have no way of getting back in touch with you.  I hope you are reading this and contact me, because I would dearly love to discuss the family with you!  I also have a lot on the family I would be happy to share if you do contact me.

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope we all have a happy and (genealogically) prosperous 2013!