A Brief Note to Begin the Year

This little blog has certainly been neglected, something I hope to fix in the new year - but not quite yet.

My father passed away unexpectedly on the 9th of November.  Saying it has turned my world upside down would be an understatement.  Honestly, the thought of researching deceased relatives has just been too much for me until fairly recently.  But, I am slowly getting back into what I love (genealogy) and this blog will be updated accordingly.

Since I haven't checked this blog in nearly two months, there were more than a few (okay, many) comments waiting to be moderated.  If you happened to be one of those whose comment never got published or responded to, then I am sorry and I will be getting back to you shortly, I promise!  I especially want to make mention of the fact that a descendant of my great-great-grandmother, Marion Wood Allen, left a comment.  I cannot tell you how excited I was to see that note - however, I have no way of getting back in touch with you.  I hope you are reading this and contact me, because I would dearly love to discuss the family with you!  I also have a lot on the family I would be happy to share if you do contact me.

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope we all have a happy and (genealogically) prosperous 2013!


  1. Leah,
    I am so sorry to learn about the death of your father. Hugs to you. May his memory be eternal.

  2. Oh Leah I am so sad to hear about your father. May your memories of him help give you some comfort.

  3. So sorry about your father. Losing family or friends does effect our research. It brings home even more that we are looking at people's lives. We are all so much more than names and dates.
    God Bless You.

  4. I lost my father a few months ago and I'm still not out of the fog. Take care of yourself.

  5. I lost my father a few months ago and I'm still not out of the fog. Be good to yourself.


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