Sunday, January 18, 2015


I've been concentrating on my possible x-matches a lot lately.  After filling out a chart (I used the ones here) to see what my inheritance pattern was, I've started whittling down the unlikely lines.  By unlikely lines I mean those that haven't been in the US all that long, originated in small, rural localities in Europe, and/or were small families that didn't, to my knowledge, leave many descendants alive today.  I'll revisit these lines somewhere in the future, but for now they are on the back burner.

After all this, I am left with the lines that are likely candidates for an x-match.  Since all these lines are through my mother, these percentages are based on her relatedness and not mine:

  • EGBERTSE.  Barbara or Barbary's son, William Lucius Rose, was married to the Charlotte Clara Smith below.  I haven't don much research on this family, but I believe they were Dutch in origin, maybe with some French in there also.  Barbara died in New York City in 1806.  My mother's approximate percentage of inherited x chromosome DNA is 6.25%.
  • HUDSON.  Daniel's mother was supposedly Nancy Harris.  I have yet to do the research to confirm or discredit this.  In any case, Daniel's daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Hudson, was my third great-grandmother.  Daniel's family was originally from Virginia and came to Pulaski Co., Kentucky.  Approximately 6.25% of my mother's x chromosome DNA is from Daniel and by extension, his mother.
  • LESTER.  Mary (aka "Polly"), married to Daniel Hudson above, was born around 1787 in what is now Kentucky.  I believe she was related to the Vincent Lester/Laster/Louster/Lister who came to the area from Virginia around the time Polly was born.  Polly contributed around 6.25% of my mother's x chromosome DNA.
  • MASON.  Priscilla, married to Andrew Webb below, was born around 1822 in Indiana.  I believe Priscilla's parents were Samuel Mason and Nancy Moore who married in Wayne Co., Kentucky in 1806.  My mother received approximately 6.25% of her x chromosome DNA from Priscilla.
  • SMITH.  Sisters Mary Green and Charlotte Clara Smith each married and had children.  Mary's son, Isaac Thomas Mott, married Charlotte's daughter, Mary Johanna Rose.  Isaac and Mary had a daughter, Mary Gertrude Smith Mott, my third great-grandmother.  Since I am doubly related my mother's approximate combined percentage inherited x chromosome DNA is 18.5% (12.5 from Mary, 6.25 from Charlotte).  I don't know a lot about the origins of the Smith family.  Mary and Charlotte's father, Thomas, was supposedly from Ireland and there is a rumor he changed his name, possibly from Douglas to Smith, when coming to North America.  He lived in New York City and died there in 1791.  Thomas' wife, Mary, might have been a Green before marriage.  She was supposedly a Tory during the war (unlike her husband), which could mean English in origin.  Mary re-married a William Fosbrook and died in New York City in 1820.
  • WEBB.  Andrew's daughter, Mary Anna, was my mother's mother's mother's mother.  I believe Andrew's mother was Martha Leet.  Martha might have been related to the Joseph Leet who lived in the Warren Co. area of Kentucky.  Andrew was born in 1820 in Orange Co., Indiana.  Andrew and his mother contributed 6.25% to my mother's x chromosome DNA.
Not surprisingly most of my x-matches have roots in colonial Virginia and the Carolinas.  So far I haven't been able to fit them in my tree, but I am seeing several surnames over and over again.