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In 1999, around age 11, I started casually researching my family tree after reading an article about the USGenWeb project at my aunt's house.  I started seriously researching my family tree around 2006 and haven't stopped since.  I started this blog on 30 September, 2008.  I joined GeneaBloggers in February of 2009 (though I had joined the Facebook group back in July of 2008).  I joined the Daughters of the American Revolution in 2012, though I am not currently an active member.

Think we're related? Check here to see (note: this is just my basic tree, contact me for more information, including sources).

Terms of Service and Copyright Information pertaining to this blog (shbwgen.blogspot.com):

This blog and all content herein are the sole property of me (blueomega128ATgmailDOTcom). Do not steal, do not reproduce and do not take credit for any of the content within this blog.

You may NOT use the contents of this site for commercial purposes without explicit permission from the author and blog owner. Commercial purposes includes blogs with ads and income generating features, and/or blogs or sites using feed content as a replacement for original content. Full content usage is not permitted.

I take no responsibility for the comments others have made to this blog and its content. I exercise the right to delete any comments I deem fit.

Views and opinions within this blog are my own and no others and I take responsibility for the content posted and exert that it is my right to post my views, whether they are agreeable to all or not.

I strive to give credit where credit is due and wherever applicable, I link to the original source and name the original author and/or site. If you feel this isn't enough recognition, feel free to contact me.

I am a work in progress and so is this blog, therefore, there will be mistakes, typos, and outdated information from time to time. I do strive for accuracy in the information I'm presenting and errors or pieces of misinformation you find was posted accidentally and was never my intent.

I am VERY protective of my images. Do not take any images (including photographs) without my EXPRESSED WRITTEN CONSENT. This also applies to screen shots of my blog, unless a link is in place to my blog.

Do NOT hold me liable for libel for the content of this blog. I have no intention of offending or maligning any organization, club, religious, political or idealogical group, company or individual. However, I don't mind poking fun at myself and my beliefs and opinions and am not afraid to do so, so don't take me or this blog too seriously and get all high and mighty. If anyone takes what I have written and is in any way harmed, I am not to be held responsible. It is called good judgement, get some and if you read or see something that looks like it could be in some way detrimental, don't be a moron and do it.

I have a VERY strict privacy policy. I do not divulge the names, images or personal information of the living without their expressed written consent. I also have a cut-off of 1920, meaning I use discretion in what I post concerning relatives born or living after that date. Any personal information concerning the living that you send me for whatever reason will NEVER be posted on this blog, unless you specifically request otherwise (and even then, I probably won't).

All that being said, I can not and will not be held responsible for any personal information of yours that you find on the internet.

I am NOT a professional genealogist nor am I in any way certified or employed (earning money) as a genealogist and I make no claims of being one. I am an amateur genealogist and the views, opinions and content within this blog are from the perspective of a non-professional genealogist.

Unless stated specifically otherwise within a blog post, I am not affiliated, partial to or employed by any genealogy vendors, companies or for-profit organizations.

If you find family information on here of interest to you, it is YOUR responsibility to double check the information. I make no claims that the information on here is 100% (or even 50%)accurate.

I will not accept advertisements to post on this blog, content I deem inappropriate for posting on this blog or content which breaks the Blogger TOS for posting on this blog.

At this time, I cannot do look-ups or genealogical research for people (though I would like to). I have done look-ups in the past and even now, occasionally, I will stumble across a query that catches my interest and try and help that person. But please, do not write to me requesting assistence with your genealogy. I cannot help and I think you would be best served going to a professional, certified genealogist. That said, if your look-up concerns a shared relative(s) with me, feel free to contact me and we can hopefully exchange information.

Please do not attempt to pay me or contractually hire me to research your genealogy. SEEK OUT A CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL to research your genealogy!!!

I am open to doing product and site reviews though I cannot and will not promise that my review will be positive to the item in question. My review policy is to be as fair, objective and unbiased as possible and if that means I give your item an unfavorable review, then so be it. If you would like me to review something genealogy related you can contact me at the e-mail address at the top of this TOS. Send me a link to the item to be review and tell me specifically what you want reviewed and any other details you feel is important for me to know about you, the group you are representing and the product in question.

If you think we might be related or have a shared genealogical interest(s). Do contact me, I'm always happy to talk genealogy with people, especially when we have common interests. Though I am busy and I cannot guarantee that I will be able to respond promptly or even at all (I'm sorry, but sometimes e-mails get lost in the shuffle).


  1. I'm related. Michael Caruso is my grandfather (mother's father). What's best way to communicate? John

  2. Leah, Just wondering if you looked at the post last week? Still would like to know how to contact you?
    John, Grandson of Michael Caruso


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