Ancestors in Canada 150 Years Ago

(This is part of the Canada's 150th Genealogy Challenge)

3rd great-grandfather, Charles Stewart Wood:  Charles was living in Ontario, likely in the South Dumfries, Brant County area.  He was was 24 and likely working as a farm laborer on 1 July, 1867.  He came to Ontario with his family (see Jane below) from County Cavan, Ireland around 1854.  Charles left Canada for Michigan a few years after 1867, but returned (to British Columbia) and spent the last years of his life there, dying in 1918.

3rd great-grandmother, Didame "Damie" Beam Wood:  Damie was living in East Zorra, Oxford, Ontario, in 1867 and was 14 at the time.  A native Ontarian, she later moved to Michigan with husband Charles (above), where she died in 1895.

4th great-grandfather, Josiah Beam:  Josiah was born in the US, likely Pennsylvania, in 1811.  When he came to Ontario, I don't know, but he was there by 1838.  Josiah was 55 and likely living in East Zorra working as a farm laborer in 1867.  The last record I have found him in is the 1901 Census of Canada, still in East Zorra.

4th great-grandmother, Susanna Horton Beam:  Susanna was born in Ontario around 1817.  I suspect she was the granddaughter of Butler's Ranger Edmond Horton (by way of his son Emmanuel), but have no definite proof as yet.  She was around 50 and likely living in East Zorra in 1867.  She died there in 1888.

4th great-grandmother, Jane Montgomery/Gallagher Wood:  Charles' mother, Jane had been widowed a few years prior to 1867.  She was around 50 on 1 July, 1867 and likely living in South Dumfries.  She lived in Ontario the rest of her life and died in Blenheim, Oxford County in 1893.

It is entirely possible that, Josiah, Susanna, Jane, and Jane's deceased husband, Charles, had parents alive in Canada on 1 July 1867, but I have yet to find them.

I'm also not including my Nova Scotia lines (Haley/Healey, Scott, Hilton, Ellis, etc.), as they had relocated to California before 1867.  However, they had been in present-day Canada long before any of the other lines above.

Happy Birthday, Canada!


  1. It's interesting how Charles and Damie moved between Canada and the U.S., one dying in Michigan, the other moving back to Canada. Not having Canadian ancestors (at least none that I've yet come across) I forget that many from Great Britain immigrated to Canada.


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