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Mary Anna's Timeline

"Create a timeline for a female ancestor using your favorite software program or an online timeline generator such as OurTimelines.  Post an image of it or link." - From The Accidental Gnealogist, Fearless Females Prompts

In (belated) honor of Women's History Month, here is a timeline of the (very full) life of my great-great-grandmother (and the woman I inherited my mtDNA from), Mary Anna Webb Wellons:

~ 25 January, 1862.  Mary Anna Webb is born in Lawrence County, Indiana (likely somewhere near the Sheeks family's farm, where her father worked as a laborer).  She is the youngest of ten children of Andrew Webb and Priscilla Mason.
~ 17 August, 1862.  Mary's two eldest brothers, John Martin and Samuel Polk Webb enlist in the Union Army.
~ 1863.  Mary's brother, John Martin Webb, dies at age 20.  According to his tombstone, he died 5 April, 1863 but several records state that he received a disability discharge on 3 November, 1863.
~ 16 May, 1863.  Mary's mother, Priscilla, dies at age 41.
~ 22 September, 1864.  Mary's brother, William Newton Webb, enlists in the Union Army.
~ November, 1864.  The Webb family moves to Mattoon, Coles County, Illinois.
~ 4 December, 1864.  Mary's brother, Samuel Polk Webb, is killed in the battle of Overalls Creek.
~ 8 April, 1865.  Mary's father, Andrew, remarries, Rhoda Dandridge.
~ 14 May, 1865.  Mary's brother, Abram Jackson Webb, dies at age 10.
~ 22 January, 1866.  Mary's half-brother, Henry Dow Webb, is born three days before her 4th birthday.
~ September, 1866.  The Webb family moves to Monmouth Twp., Shawnee, Kansas.
~ circa 1869.  The Webb family moves to Crawford County, Kansas.  Mary's half-brother, Walter Edmond, is born here on 4 May.
~ 26 March, 1870.  Mary's half-brother, Henry Dow Webb, dies.
~ 25 April, 1872.  Mary's half- brother, James Ray Webb, is born.
~ circa 1873.  Mary is sent to do housekeeping work for a doctor's family.
~ 14 November, 1873.  James Ray Webb dies.
~ 1875.  Mary's half-sister, Lilly Timberline Webb is born on 2 June while the family is moving to Colorado.  Mary's step-mother, Rhoda, dies not long after.  Family settles in Trinidad, Las Animas, Colorado.
~1876.  The family moves to Animas, La Plata, Colorado.
~ June, 1878.  Mary marries George Washington Wellons.  She is 16, he is 29.
~ 22 November, 1878.  Mary and George's first child is born, Ebben Boulder Wellons.
~ 1 April, 1880.  Mary and George's 2nd child is born, Hermosa Florita "Flo" Wellons.
~ 3 August, 1882.  Mary and George's 3rd child, Edna Mae Wellons, is born.
~ 17 August, 1882.  Mary's father, Andrew, remarries again, to Eliza Unknown.
~ 11 April, 1884.  Mary and George's son, John Chapple Wellons, is born.
~ circa 1886.  The Wellons (and several members of the Webb) family move to Oregon, first Lake County and then Klamath County.
~ 28 September, 1886.  Mary and George's daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Wellons, is born.
~ circa 1890.  Mary and George's daughter, Fleeda Leone Wellons, is born and dies.
~ 29 April 1891.  Mary and George's daughter (my great-grandmother), Georgiana Wellons, is born.
~ April, 1892.  The Wellons family moves to Siskiyou County, California
~ 20 July, 1894.  Mary and George's son, William Andrew Wellons, is born.
~ 2 April, 1898.  Mary's half-brother, Walter Edmond Webb, dies.
~ 20 January, 1902.  Mary's sister, Nancy Ann Webb Wiley, dies.
~ 18 November, 1902.  Mary's father, Andrew J. Webb, dies.
~ 1908.  Mary and George's son, Ebb, graduates from the University of California (at Berkeley).
~ 31 January, 1912.  Mary and George's son, Ebb, dies.
~ 11 July, 1912.  Mary and George's first grandchild, Frank LeRoy Benson, is born.
~ 14 April, 1917.  Mary and George's daughter, Sarah Elizabeth "Sadie" Wellons Benson, dies.
~ 2 November, 1913.  Mary's brother, George Washington Webb, dies.
~ 16 July, 1919.  Mary's brother, William Newton Webb, dies.
~ 12 May, 1926.  Mary Anna Webb dies in Yreka, Siskiyou, California.  She suffered a heart attack and died while make a bed in the inn she ran with her husband.  She was 64.

Mary outlived her parents, at least nine of her thirteen siblings (and very likely the other four as well), three of her children, and at least one grandchild.  Her husband of nearly fifty years, George Washington Wellons, outlived her by almost six years.

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