Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another Generation In America?

I have gleefully been exploring the Trumbull Co. records recently added on FamilySearch.  Among the discoveries was the naturalization information of my great-grandfather's brother.  I had never been able to figure out when he arrived in the US before this:

From there, I was able to find him arriving at Ellis Island on 2 April, 1903 on the ship Citta di Napoli.  But, perhaps the best discovery in this saga are what is written by his entry in the manifest:

"Father La Piccirella Matteo at ? NJ."
My great-grandfather's father's name was Matteo.  I had never considered that my great-grandfather and his brother weren't the first in their family to come to America, but apparently their father had also - at least for some period of time.

The only thing I cannot make out is where in America Nicola was headed when he arrived (and by extension, where his father was living).  I cannot decipher the place above, nor elsewhere on the manifest:

I'm leaning towards it being somewhere in New Jersey, though that could just as easily say "NY."  Does anyone have any ideas on what that could say?  Help please!

I did find a Matteo Lapiccirella in Walkill, Orange, New York in 1900, though no communities in that area seemed to match the above.

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  1. Leah, in the first enlarged image it looks like Masello, and in the second it looks like Marrello. Both look like New Jersey to me. I googled both Masello and Marrello in New Jersey and New York but there wasn't a town by that name--at least not at this time.

    It's an exciting find even though it leaves you with another question or two.


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