Friday, September 20, 2013

Correcting an Obituary

One thing I like about having a blog (and website) for genealogy, is that when I get a record with obvious errors and/or omissions in it, it is easy to post the corrections so any other researchers can find them and not have to carry on with incorrect information.  One such example of this is the obituary for my great-great-grandfather's sister:

"Mrs. Rebecca Shetterly

    Rebecca Weldons was born in Sumerville, Ky., May 9, 1839, and died at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. Guy Pelham, after an illness of two years, being bedfast since last July, at the age of 87 years, 4 months.  She was united in marriage to Benj. F. Shetterly of Des Moines, Ia., After 54 years of married life the husband died leaving two children, C. G. Sheterly and W. D. Shetterly, both of Olathe.  She then lived the remaining years with her granddaughter in Olathe.  Her pleasant disposition and likable ways made her a number of friends who were saddened to hear of her death.  Although she suffered so much and knew she would never be well again, she always had a smile and kind word for every one.  She was especially fond of children and always willing to do those little things that count so much in everyday and lasting friendship.
    The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Welch at the family home on West Elm street, Tuesday, September 23.  Burial was made in the Olathe cemetery.  She is survived by son, C. G. Shetterly of Olathe and ten grandchildren, three brothers and one sister of Hartford, Ia."

From the Johnson County Democrat, Olathe, Kansas, 25 September, 1924.  I have the original image for anyone interested.

Rebecca's maiden name was actually Wellons and she was born in Somerset, Pulaski, Kentucky (not Sumerville).  I have Rebecca being born in 1837, not '39, but I could be wrong.  She and her husband actually had more children than just C(larance). G(ilbert). and W(illiam). I(saiah, not D.): Jemima Belle, John T. and Lewis Eldred.  The two mentioned in the obituary were the only two who were alive when Benjamin F. Shetterly died in 1910.

When Rebecca died, her living siblings (mentioned in the obituary) were Jemima Catherine Wellons Hurst in Hartford, Iowa; Henry J. Wellons in Muscatine, Iowa; Andrew Jackson Wellons in Richland, Iowa; John Fremont Wellons in Lincoln, Iowa.  Her brother, George Washington Wellons, was also alive and living in the Yreka area of California.

Rebecca's parents were John Chap(p)le Wellons and Sarah Elizabeth Hudson.  Her brother, George, was my ancestor.  Anyone connected with anyone mentioned in this post, please contact me for more information.

NOTE: Many thank yous to the Johnson County Genealogical Society and Johnson County Public Library for finding this obituary for me.  More information on obtaining obituaries from them can be found here

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  1. Leah, good point! I've been frustrated with incorrect details on obituaries lately, myself--not to mention incorrect headstones! It helps to remember that, through our blogs, we are doing at least our little part to help correct the public records.

    Glad you found the Johnson County Genealogical Society helpful in locating that obituary. Local groups still do play a vital role, even in this age of Internet genealogy.


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