Thursday, March 5, 2009

John R. Shinn Journal, Vol. 7

August 16-31. John goes from Utah to Nevada in this installment. For a map of his route, click here.

"August 16 Still in camp at the above place. Weather warm.

August 17 Traveled 25 miles. Camped by a spring. Water some brackish[?], we found no fresh water in this day's travel. Road pretty good. Passed 1 grave, weather good.

August 18 Traveled 10 miles. Camped at Elbow Spring, here is the last good water for 95 miles. Road good but very dusty. Weather warm.

August 19 Traveled 15 miles over a desert country without water or grass. Camped at a spring at the foot of the mountains, this water is a little brackish, but does very well for camping purposes, and is the last of any kind until after crossing the desert. We found some feed and plenty of wood. Weather pleasant.

August 20 Left the above camp at a quarter before 3 o'clock p.m. Traveled all night and the day following and next night, until half past 6 am on the 22nd making the distance of 80 miles in 39 hours whole time, about 27 hours traveling time on the desert after crossing the mountain which took 5 and a half hours, to travel 8 miles it being very steep and rough. Camped at Pilot Peak Creek until noon then traveled 2 miles to better grass and water. Weather good.

August 23 Laid by to recruit the cattle. Weather pleasant.

August 24 Traveled 4 miles to the last spring before crossing a 35 mile desert. We left this place at 5 p.m., found a small spring at midnight in the mountains but very little water, not sufficient for stock. Arrived at the next water at half past seven in the morning of the 25th, August.

August 25 Laid by the rest of the day. Weather pleasant.

August 26 Traveled 18 miles over a level but dry and dusty country without water and but very little feed. Camped by a spring, the water is quite strong of sulphur, will do for camping purposes.

August 27 Traveled 20 miles over a mountainous and desert country without water and very little feed. Road good, but very dusty. Camped by a spring at the foot of the mountains, the water is rather warm and tastes strong of sulphur. Pretty good place to camp. Weather warm through the days, cool at night.

August 28 Laid by to rest. The company divides at this place, Heman Doyle [John's future father-in-law], Alvah Grow, Daniel Bacon, Orin S. Grow and John R. Shinn. Left, Peck, Andrews and company. Weather pleasant.

August 29 Traveled 19 miles about 4 of it was up a gradual ascent to the top of a mountain, thence down a gradual descent and across a valley which is quite barren. No water and very little grass until within 3 miles of the mountains on the other side, there we found good water, grass and sage for fuel. The Indians are very troublesome in this vicinity, stalling and shooting cattle and horses seems to be their business. Weather pleasant.

August 30 Traveled 20 miles over a low mountain and through a valley without feed or water. Camped by a stream of good water, good place to camp. The Indians are bad at this place also.

August 31 This day's travel was down a large and beautiful valley abounding with grass[?] and water and some good timber. Good camping. Weather good."

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