Sunday, June 14, 2009

Belated SNGF- Three Things

(I actually started this post last night and then fell asleep before it was finished... oh well, better late than never!)

This week's challenge is to list three things that you learned today. I actually have been spending more time organizing and tying up loose genealogy ends than doing research lately but the recent hubbub around the Canadian census got back into research mode. Like Randy, my genealogical things have to do with the website Automated Genealogy:

1. I learned that an ancestor of mine, Susannah (Horton) Beam probably had a brother, Emanuel, living next door to her and her family in the 1852 Census. The family was in Zorra, Oxford, Ontario and Emanuel is next door to the Beams with his wife, Fanny, and children. I still don't know who Susannah's parents are but any Horton relatives are a start...

2. I found my fifth great-grandparents, John and Deborah (Bell) Beam in Clinton Twp., Lincoln County, Ontario. John and Deborah were the parents of Josiah who was married to the Susannah Horton above. I was a little surprised to see Deborah listed because she died around the time of the census. I also found a bunch of Bells living next door to Deborah and John, I'm sure this is Deborah's family though I still need to check my information to see where they fit in.

3. I found my fourth great-grandfather, Josiah Beam, in the 1901 census on the Automated Genealogy site. He was living with his son John and his family in Zorra. I also found some relatives in the 1911 census on the site and plan on looking for others. What a great website!

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