Thursday, September 10, 2009

Colonial Connections: New York

(Note: I am busy with school at the moment so I don't have time to write new blog posts.  Instead, I'm cleaning up some drafts and posting them.  This was originally written in June 2009)

After the Revolutionary War, a fairly large branch of my tree came to upper, western New York (Monroe and Livingston Co. to be exact).  But, since this is about my "colonial connections," I'm not counting the branches that came after the Revolutionary War.  Most of my pre-war bunch lived in and around New York City, primarily Queens and Orange Co.

Surnames Include:
(on Long Island) Mott, Williams, Pankhurst, Smith, Gildersleeve, Jackson, Washburn, Seaman, Strickland, Coles, Wright, Gorton, Weeks/Weekes, Dickerson, Reddocke, Carpenter

(in NYC and Staten Island) Rose, Egbert/Egbertse/Egburson,  Harmens, Cresson, Letelier/Tillier

(in Goshen, Orange Co.) Smith, Green

I also have one MAYBE New York branch.  An ancestor, Edmund Horton, served in Butler's Rangers during the Revolutionary War.  I know very little about Edmund but I suspect that he was from New York since Butler's Rangers was a primarily New York regiment.

Favorite website:
Long Island Genealogy

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