Saturday, June 19, 2010

Surname Saturday: New England Planters

My New England Planter ancestors are as follows:

    Ebenezer Ellis and Hannah Wing came to Nova Scotia from Sandwich, Massachusetts in 1761.
    My line: Ebenezer to Hannah to Ebenezer Haley (came to CA, see Haley line below)
    Ebenezer Haley and Grace Bullen came to Nova Scotia from Marblehead, Massachusetts in 1762. 
    My line: Ebenezer to Comfort to Ebenezer (came to CA) to Comfort to Lauren to Gladys, my great-grandmother
    Amos Hilton and Mary Lee came to Nova Scotia from Manchester, MA in 1765.
    My line: Amos to Ruth to Mary Lee Scott (came to CA, see Scott line below)
    Jonathan Scott came to Nova Scotia from Fitchburg, MA in 1765
    My line: Jonathan to John to Mary Lee (came to CA) to Comfort Haley (later Healey, see Haley line above)
    George Ring and Lucretia Chipman came to Nova Scotia from Kingston, MA in 1762
    My line: George to Lucy to John Scott (see Scott line above)

I'd be happy to exchange information with anyone connected to any of these names.  E-mail me or comment this post (and include your contact info) to get in touch with me.

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