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Civil War Saturday - Webb

(This post was inspired by the meme started at Nolichucky Roots)

My great-great-grandmother, Mary Anna Webb Wellons, had many relatives who fought in the war.  Mary Anna herself was born in the midst of the war.  By the time she was three she had lost two brothers to the war, as well as her mother.  If there was any one event that defined Mary Anna's early life, it was the Civil War.  Her brothers:
  • John Martin Webb, b. 1843 - d. 1863.  He enlisted on 17 August 1862 in Company D, 16th Indiana Infantry and is listed as having received a disability discharge on 3 November 1863 but I know this is wrong as he died on 3 April, 1863 (see his tombstone here).
  • Samuel Polk Webb, b. 1845 - d. 1864.  He enlisted on the same day and in the same unit as his brother above.  He was discharged due to wounds on 29 May 1863 at Arkansas Post, Arkansas.  He re-enlisted as a Corporal on April 5, 1864 in Company H, 13th Indiana Cavalry and was died at Murfreesboro, Tennessee on 7 December 1864.
  • William Newton Webb, b. 1846 - d. 1919.  He enlisted on 22 September, 1864 in Company A, 9th Indiana Infantry and mustered out on 20 June 1865.
Mary Anna's father, Andrew also had a brother-in-law and nephew who were briefly in the war:
  • Horatio B. Richardson and his son, Charles Richardson.  Enlisted in Company B, 112th Indiana Infantry on July 10, 1863 and mustered out a week later.  The unit was formed to repel Morgan's Raid.
Units Covered:

Pension Files:
John Martin Webb's father applied for but was denied a pension (filed in Oregon)
Samuel Polk Webb's father applied for but was denied a pension.  He reapplied at another date and was granted a pension (filed in Washington)
William Newton Webb applied for and received a pension (filed in Washington)

I was given transcribed portions of Samuel and William's pensions but have not purchased copies of the full, original files yet.

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