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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Rebecca Chappel

(My current entry in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge)

Rebecca Chappel's last name might have Chaple or Chapple, or maybe Chappelle, or it could be Chapele or it might be Chapell...  and on it goes.  I've also seen Rebecca spelled Rebekah.  Point is, I know next to nothing about Rebecca.

Rebecca was probably born in Virginia, either present-day Virginia or present-day Kentucky.  The first record of Rebecca is her marriage record to Henry Wellons (spelled 'Willons') on December 8, 1801 in Pulaski County, Kentucky.

I don't know exactly how many children Henry and Rebecca had.  A Henry 'Weldon' was enumerated in Somerset, Pulaski, Kentucky in 1810.  There was one man and one woman between the ages of 26 and 44 (presumably Henry and Rebecca) and five people (two boys and three girls) under the age of sixteen.

The only other census Rebecca was alive for was the 1820.  The Henry 'Willings' household in Somerset, consisted of eight white people.  There were four girls under twenty-five and two boys under fifteen.  There was also one man and one woman over the age of forty-five (Henry and Rebecca).

Rebecca was dead by 1826 (the year Henry remarried).  Interestingly Henry and his new wife named their daughter Rebecca.

There are candidates for Rebecca's family.  A James Chapple appears on an 1800 Pulaski Co. tax list (and was still there in 1810).  There were also some marriages of note in Pulaski Co.: Nancy Chappel to John Emerson in 1805, Kizah Chapel to John Wood in 1806, and Elizabeth Chapell to William Wood in 1805.  I believe all these people are in some way connected to Rebecca but proof is still elusive.

Rebecca's son, John Chappel Wellons, was my third great-grandfather.

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