Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nineteen Years in Probate Court


"OAKLAND, April 12. -- Nineteen years in the Probate Court is too long, declared Judge Ogden to-day, as he mildly censured Mrs. Susanna Berger, widow of John Berger, and administratix of his estate, because the matter had not been closed up more quickly.

"'I am not satisfied with your administration of this estate,' said Judge Ogden, 'I am not going to criticise you for I have not heard enough about the matter.  The children, heirs in the estate, may have consented to these delays."

"Judge Ogden, however, refused to confirm one sale in the estate, continuing the matter a week for investigation."

The woman Judge Ogden "mildly censured" was my great-great-grandmother, Susanna vonAllmen Berger.  I'd love to know why the estate spent as long as it did in probate, but I'm a little scared of what I'll find: a mammoth sized file which will cost a small fortune to get.  I guess I should start saving my pennies...

The above article appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle on 13 April 1908 on page 8.

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  1. I have a case like that for a Great- Great - Uncle who died without a will. It was only upheld because they had to find all his heirs , over 20 years. It was a treasure trove for a genealogist as it listed all relations with full names and addresses in 1911.


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