Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I'm actually pretty impressed that this blog has been around six years - eons in internet time.  As the years go by, I seem to have less and less time for posting and never enough time for genealogy research - but I still love both, even more so than I did six years ago.

This space doesn't really reflect all the research I've done over the past year, and it has been plentiful.  One project in particular, which is still ongoing, has been quite the journey.  I'm not at the end of the road yet, but when I'm done I look forward to writing about it here.  No matter the outcome, I am grateful for the experience because I've been forced to look in some really unconventional places for records, break out of my research comfort zone (on numerous occasions), and order records I really wasn't sure I wanted (because of what I knew would be in them).  In short, I really feel like I've faced my "genealogy fears" this year.

Some other pretty excellent things have happened this year, including: finding a newspaper clipping which mentions where my great-great-grandparents honeymooned; getting my great-grandfather's military record from Italy; the Pennsylvania death certificates being added to Ancestry; uploading my father's 23andMe results to FamilyTreeDNA; and more than anything else, learning the names of my great-grandmother's parents,  Matteo D'Accia and Maria Mattia Di Milo (I just love being able to write that).

I could set goals and plans and say I'll post here more, but I really can't promise that.  Instead it is enough, for now, to know this space is here.  In the meantime I still love reading all the other genealogy blogs out there, gaining inspiration and insights I wouldn't have without them.  To anyone still reading here, thank you, and if you have a genealogy blog of your own, chances are I'm happily following.


  1. Happy Blogiversary! Six years is a long time. Congratulations.

  2. When you're on a roll with research, it's often hard to blog about it because you're not always sure where the research is taking you or what story it is going to tell. So Happy Blogiversary. 6 years is quite the accomplishment.

  3. Congratulations and Happy 6th Blogiversary!


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