Saturday, September 12, 2015

Barbara's Estate

The biggest surprise I've come across so far while looking through Ancestry's new collection of wills and probate records, was the 1886 will for my third great-grandmother, Barbara Steiner vonAllmen.

Barbara's estate consisted of a $1,000 loan to her son, Joseph, and the interest it was accruing.  What was so wonderful about the record for me, personally, was that it confirmed a lot of information I had long suspected, like the married names of two of her daughters, and the earlier death of one of them.

Barbara mentioned each of her "... beloved children Abraham Allmen, Maggie Maurer wife of Andy Maurer, Joseph Allmen, Susanah Allmen Berger wife of John Berger and the children then living of my daughter Mary Smith late of Vanderburgh County deceased."

One difference, I had Mary's married name as Schmidt, but it wasn't surprising that it was apparently Americanized to Smith.

Barbara also had another child, Isaac, who had died without living issue before her will was written.

I descend from Barbara through her aforementioned daughter, Susanna vonAllmen Berger.  At the time this was written, Susanna was living in Wabash County, Indiana and had recently had my great-grandfather.

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  1. What a great find, Leah! Finding a document that supports my guesses always gives me confidence that I'm not wending my way along the wrong path. (Of course, I remember that my guesses are always guesses until I find documents that support them.)


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