Monday, December 5, 2016

Robert Allen's Estate

I've yet to find estate paperwork for Robert, but a notice in the Niles Daily Times, page 18, dated 26 June 1935, tells me that there was an estate.  It also helps me to fill in married names and addresses for some of my collateral Allen relatives at the time, and for that I am very happy.


    Lavina Allen, 27 Wells Street, Caro, Michigan; John Allen, State Penitentiary, Jackson, Michigan; Mrs. Anna Sheperdson, Wyman, Mi-chigan, George R. Allen, Taft, Ca-lifornia; Jane Allen Ott, 1107 Ne-ville Street, Follansbee, W. Virgin-ia, Jemia Jane Adams, 1107 Neville Street, West Virginia, Margaret Ann Smith, R.F.D. No. 1, Hagers-town, Maryland; Alice Ruth Shute, 1128 Neville Street, Follansbee, West Virginia and Charles William Allen, 1197 Neville Street, Follans-bee, West Virginia, will take notice that of the 14th day of June, 1935, the said D L Evans, as adminis-trator of the estate of Robert Allen, filed his petition in the Probate Court of Trumbull County, Ohio in Case No. 11762 against the above named parties and others, praying for an order directing him to sell the real estate of said Robert Allen with which to obtain funds to pay his debts.
    Said parties are required to answ-er on or before the first day of September, 1935.
    D L EVANS, Administrator, W F MacQueen, Atty.
 June 19, 26, July 3, 10, 17, 26, 1935."

Since Robert died without a wife or living children, the heirs are all connected to Robert through his siblings.  The first named is likely Lavinia Mary Beyett(e) Allen, the widow John Henry Willis Allen.  John was a son of Robert's late brother, Joseph.  John died only a month after Robert, in Caro.

The next person is John Grant Allen, a brother of Robert's, and my 2nd great-grandfather.  The State Penitentiary address makes me chuckle as it makes it seem John was a resident there, when in fact he was working as a guard.

The following two were Anna Allen Shep(p)ardson and George Robert Allen, also children of Robert's brother Joseph.  Jane (Reese) Allen Ott was a widow of another of Joseph's sons, Joseph Jr., who had died in 1917.  I hadn't followed Jane after Joseph's death so her remarriage was a new piece of information to me.  She married John H. Ott in Wellsburg, West Virginia in 1920.  The last four people were Joseph and Jane's children, Jemima, Margaret, Alice and Charles.

Since Robert died in 1932, I was a little surprised to find this notice over three years after his death.  But, clearly, the administrator was having difficulties getting in touch with all of Robert's far-flung relatives.  I'd still like to find the estate papers as I suspect the children of Robert's late brother, James, and his living sister, Mary C. Allen Evans, were heirs as well.  Since that group remained in the Niles area, it probably wasn't necessary to include them in the Legal Notice.

One thing I haven't cleared up is whether Robert had a familial connection with the administrator of his estate.  Robert's sister, Mary, married into the Evans family, but the "D.L." initials don't fit for her husband or children.

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