Saturday, October 18, 2008


I've had a Footnote (FREE) membership for awhile but always kind of wrote the site off because I really had no desire to sign up for a pay subscription (although their rates are certainly affordable), mainly because I already have a subscription to Ancestry and most of the info I find on Footnote I can also get there. Footnote has also always been a little sparse as far as records go that pertain to my family. I found a neat civil war picture on there awhile ago (of which I found another copy of it on Wikipedia and the Wikipedia copy was far and away a better copy), but that is pretty much it. One thing Footnote has that I think is fab and that other sites should try and emulate in some way are the member story pages. This feature is a new one (I only recently learned about it) and I have been playing with it lately. The pages are very easy to make and edit and once published are viewable by the Footnote community. So, while I still don't (and don't plan on getting) have a pay subscription to the site, the Footnote pages makes the site worthwhile. At least I can get out the information I have (through their upload feature and by writing "story pages") which opens up my genealogy to more people making connections and matches and possible info exchanges more probable.

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