Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So, I've got a few projects on my brain and I thought I'd list them here:
  1. transcribe my ggggrandfather's 1850 covered wagon journal. More details and a first installment to come!
  2. overhaul my website, which is The Shinn Collective by the way. I need to amend it to include my paternal lines and also add all the things I've got links to already up and have been promising since the site launch last July!
  3. source my research. Most of my newer stuff is sourced, but when I was younger and less experienced sourcing wasn't really something I was into or thought worthwhile so the vast majority of what I've got isn't sourced or if it is, I never wrote down the source name.
  4. create "paper files." For years I never saw a point to keeping hard copies of any of my research- I mean, I've got a lot either online, in my e-mail or backed-up on disk or flash drive. I have recently "seen the light" as it were and would now like to have some sort of (albeit brief) hard copy back-up of my research. I also think that having this will make it easier to mail my research to relatives or share what I've got with any visiting family.
  5. blog more! Or, should I say more consistently?

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