Friday, February 27, 2009

Surname Meme

When I went to check out Google Reader yesterday I noticed this meme going around on several blogs and I thought I would give it a go. It originally appeared on GeneaBlogie, though I found it through We Tree.

Berger/Barger: Bavaria; Marshall, IN; Alameda, CA
Matz: Bavaria; Marshall, IN
vonAllmen: Bern, Switzerland; Richland, IL; Vanderburgh, IN; Alameda, CA
Steiner: Bern, Switzerland; Richland, IL; Vanderburgh, IN
Wellons: Wales(as Llewelyn, though undocumented); Virginia; Pulaski, KY; Warren, IA; LaPlata, Co; Siskiyou, CA
Hudson: England; Virginia; Pulaki, KY; Warren, IA
Webb: Orange, IN; Lawrence, IN; LaPlata, CO; Siskiyou, CA
Mason: Lawrence, IN
Shinn: England; Burlington, NJ; San Joaquin, CA
Doyle: Ireland; Vermont; Monroe, NY; various counties in CA and NV
Tock: Lincolnshire, ENG; Washington, ME/Charlotte, NB, CAN; San Joaquin, CA
Wadd: Lincolnshire, ENG; Washington, ME
Healey (orig. Haley): England; Massachusetts; Yarmouth, NS, CAN; San Francisco, CA
Mott: Nassau, NY; Mazatlán, MEX; various places in CA
Nielsen: Schleswig-Holstein, GER; Ottawa, Erie or Sandusky, OH; Alameda, CA
Petersen: Schleswig-Holstein, GER; Ottawa, Erie or Sandusky, OH; Alameda, CA
Allen: Scotland; Lawrence, PA; Trumbull, OH; various places in MI
Lapiccirella: Foggia, Puglia, IT; Trumbull, OH; Jackson, MI
Daccia: Foggia, Puglia, IT; Trumbull, OH
Croad: Dorset, ENG; Montcalm and Mecosta, MI
Wood: Scotland; Ireland; Canada; various places in MI
Beam: Germany; Oxford and Niagara, ON, CAN; various places in MI
Stokes: Somerset, ENG; Glamorgan, Wales

I also really like what AnceStories is doing by spotlighting a brick wall ancestor a month. I'm going to *try* and remember to do that as I think it is a fab idea. For February (which ends in a few hours), I'm going to spotlight four brick walls rolled into one:

When I was doing last week's Saturday Night Fun meme, I lamented the fact that I didn't know who my 21 is. This group of people includes my mystery 21 and her mystery husband as well as the parents of my 21's daughter-in-law. The parents of Giuseppe Lapiccirella and (Maria) Nicoletta Daccia are numero uno on my genealogical information wish list. Their parents would be my great-great-grandparents and I know nothing about them. I have the WWI draft card for Nicola, Giuseppe’s brother, and it names Giuseppe (who was still in Italy) as the next of kin, even listing an address, so that is a lead I plan on following if I ever get to Italy to research them(which is #1 on the places I want to go for a “geneavacation”). I'm kind of lucky in that Daccia and Lapiccirella are pretty regionally specific surnames and I know the specific towns in Italy where they are from (Foggia and Vieste respectively). For those of you interested, this region is the "ankle of Italy" on the Southeast side of the country on the Adriatic. It also holds the distinction of being the place where Archie Bunker from the TV show All in the Family was shot in the rump in WWII.

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