Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Night Fun: Genealogy Junkie Survey

What an exciting genealogy day for me! This morning when I went to check the mail I found the death records and obituaries I had ordered waiting for me as well as a few answers (and some new questions) to old brick walls. Today is also exciting because it means another Saturday Night Fun assignment from Genea-Musings, something I enjoy doing when I am able. Here are my answers and I'll confess, I really had to think about some of these answers. While doing this survey and trying to remember when and why I got into genealogy it brought up a lot of memories I had forgotten and reminded me about old research and articles that I had but buried away long ago- I can't wait to go digging those things up now (perhaps this will be my "Sunday Night Fun" assignment)!

1. When did you start genealogy research? I use to enjoy looking through a Shinn family history book when I was little as well as my mother's baby book but I didn't actually start researching my tree until I was eleven in 1999.

2. Why did you start doing research? A collection of reasons. My great-grandmother died in December of 1998 and I think that kind of peaked my interest in my family tree. An aunt of mine was also dabbling in genealogy at the time and gave me an article on the USGenWeb project. My middle school computer teacher also had a lot to do with it. She had recently come back from a trip to Salt Lake City and was heavily involved in genealogy at the time. I remember going into the computer lab at my school at lunch time or other quiet times in the day when I wasn't in class and she would be on the FamilySearch site looking for people. She was actually the one that introduced me to the site and the world of internet genealogy. All of this happened throughout 1998 and 1999. I do remember the first person I researched: my great x5 grandfather, Moses Jackman, b. 1776 Boscawen, New Hampshire- d. 1861, Livonia, New York. The reason I was drawn to him was because of this article (note: the article I linked to is just a transcription of the original which I have and was refering to) which I had seen and read many times as a child.

3. What was your first big success in research? Breaking down the biggest brick wall in my family tree, Joseph James Allen to find out who his parents were (John Grant Allen and Marion Wood) which was only about two or three years ago.

4. What is your biggest genealogy regret? I always wished I had asked more questions of my great-grandmother when she was alive. Sadly, I also wasn't very good at listening to her family stories. She died right before my eleventh birthday in December of 1998 at the age of 100.

5. What are you best known for in the genealogy world? Um... I do have a website on a branch of my family tree, the Jackmans, that has attracted some attention within that research group, but otherwise I'm not really a presence in the genealogy world.

6. What is your professional status in genealogy? I'm not a professional and I don't do it for a living. It is just a fun hobby that borders of extreme obsession for me.

7. What is your biggest genealogy achievement? The family history book I made for my grandmother last Christmas.

8. What is the most FUN you've had doing genealogy? Making new discoveries like finding an obituary, record or picture or exchanging information with fellow researchers. I also like my blog and the genea-bloggers group a lot.

9. What is your favorite genealogy how-to book? Uncovering Your Ancestry Through Family Photographs by Maureen A. Taylor.

10. What notable genealogist would you like to meet someday? Maureen A. Taylor


  1. Leah, I really enjoyed reading your post. I guess I'm too tired to post about this tonight--but it was really fun to read yours! I too regret not talking to my grandmother about her history. She came thru Ellis Island from Russia. I knew where she was from, but never asked about her family's stories. It's wonderful that you're interested now tho. Loved your post.

  2. Greetings Leah,
    Glad to see someone of the millenial generation has been bitten by the genealogy bug. Glad to have you as part of the GeneaBloggers Group.


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