Madness Monday: Joining DAR Through a Female Patriot

So call me crazy, because that is what I must be.  A few months ago I started analyzing which ancestor I wanted to purse a DAR membership with.  I figured I'd just start collecting my proofs and as I was researching, I'd let the flow lead me to the one I 1) wanted to join under the most and 2) had the easiest time getting proofs for.  Luckily, the person I've finally settled upon met both requirements. 

Perhaps less lucky, is the fact that the ancestor I want to join under is a she not the typical he.  It has been done but it is rare and I've personally never met anyone else who tried to join or was successful at joining using a female ancestor.

When it comes to proofs for relationships and connecting the generations, I've got that covered.  In fact, I had that covered before I even started looking into the DAR.  Its the proof of service that is my weak spot and I imagine it is a weak spot for most trying to join through a woman Patriot. 

There are no service rolls, pension applications or military records for her because that wasn't the service she performed.  She lived in NYC and helped nurse American POWs so there isn't any kind of official paper trail.

What I do have for proof of service: 1) her obituary, which mentions her service, 2) her great-granddaughter's (with whom she lived with and knew) autobiography which makes mention of it, 3) a biographical sketch written by a great-grandson of hers (who I don't believe knew her), 4) various mentions in compiled genealogies and newspaper articles (some of which are less than sourced and accurate) and 5) a quilt that is out there, somewhere, that was given to her as a token of gratitude by some of the men she helped.  Not exactly a glowing list of sources...

Is this enough for proof?  Are they too weak by DAR's standards?  Does anyone have any experience trying to join the DAR through a female ancestor?  Help, please!


  1. Leah, I don't blame you for wanting to join under a She instead of a He. It will interesting to hear what others say. What about contacting a DAR member in your area and asking. The DAR is very strict these days, it isn't like it used to be. Good Luck.

  2. I'd say "go for it!" Mayflower is very strict, and a few years ago they accepted some DNA evidence to prove a lineage. You never know what they might think of your evidence until you try!

  3. I just sent in a Supplemental (or additional Patriot) and she is a woman who gave supplies to the cause and there is a paper trail for that. I have also been looking for Supply Taxes in Pennsylvania as women are on the list and since this money goes for the military it counts as Patriotic Service. They are really hard to pin down since it has to be named proof. In one area I even checked the pensions to see if they mentioned the help for a woman and nothing in that area. Hope you have success


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