Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Tories and Patriots

Since I forgot to post my Loyalist lines on Canada Day (July 1), I figured I might as well combine them with my Patriot ancestors today.

My Loyalists:
1. Jacob Beam (29 Nov 1728, Germany - 10 May 1812, Beamsville, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada)
2. Edmund Horton (probably born in New York - died after 1797, Ontario, Canada)
3. Benjamin/John Bell (conflicting dates, New Jersey - conflicting dates, Ontario, Canada)
(Note: In addition, Benjamin/John Bell's wife, Elizabeth Pettit, had several Loyalist brothers who settled in the Grimsby area as well.)

My Patriots:
1. Moses Jackman (26 April 1746, Boscawen, Merrimack, New Hampshire - 8 Dec 1838, Boscawen, Merrimack, New Hampshire)
2. Thomas Collins (17 Aug 1725, Warrick, Kent, RI - 25 March 1793, Ira, Rutland, Vermont)
3. John Collins (21 Oct 1755, Scituate, Providence, RI - after 1838, Livingston or Monroe, NY)
4. Ann(e) Coles Mott (10 Aug 1747, Glen Cove, Nassau, NY - 16 July 1840, Manhattan, NY)
(NOTE: counts as a Patriot under DAR's criteria because she nursed Patriots imprisoned at Sugar House, her brother Jesse being one of them.  He was an aid to Gen. Washington and also worked as a spy against the British during the war).

One day I'd like to join both the UELAC and DAR.  At present Jacob Beam and Ann(e) Coles Mott are my best candidates. 

Thank you to all of them for their service, regardless of the side they were on.  If it weren't for their decisions then, I wouldn't be here now.

Happy 4th, everyone!

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