Thursday, December 9, 2010

Adventures in Genetic Genealogy

Early last month I took an mtDNA test from Family Tree DNA, yesterday I got my results.  I'm in haplogroup K which can be found in many European countries and is known for being the haplogroup of many Ashkenazi Jews.  Most of my matches had traced their roots to Ireland which was exciting because one of the strongest candidate families for my furthest back matrilineal ancestor (Nancy Moore)  is from Ireland. 

I have the traditional K mutations of 16224C and 16311C as well as the "hotspot" mutation of 16519C.  I have another mutation, 16265G that doesn't (at least in the research I've done) seem to be shared by many Ks, though I found a few Hs at mitosearch that had it.  Anyway, this is all very new to me and I obviously have a lot of learning to do on the subject but I'm excited to find out all I can about genetic genealogy. 

In other genetic genealogy news, my father took the 23andme test the other day so I'm looking forward to finding out his results.  There are also rumors that my mother wants to take the 23andme test (as long as the deal is going on) which I am hoping she does at it would save me from having to order the HVR2 from Family Tree DNA. 

If there are any other Ks out there (especially ones connected to my ancestors!), please let me know and if anyone can recommend any literature on the haplogroup I'd love to know about it. 

For anyone interested, my matrilineal line goes:
Me>My Mother>My Grandmother>Georgiana Wellons>Mary Anna Webb>Priscilla Mason>Nancy Moore

Nancy was born in the 1780s or 90s in, I believe, Tennessee (then a part of North Carolina).  She married Samuel Mason in 1806 in Wayne Co., Kentucky.  They moved to Lawrence Co., Indiana some years later where Nancy died at an unknown date.

NOTE: I am in no way affliated with either Family Tree DNA or 23andme nor did I received payment or reward of any kind from either company for posting this article.

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