I was more than a little surprised to discover this morning that I had been nominated  for the Family Tree 40 for 2011 in the "My Family History" category.  Actually, I'm pretty speechless about the whole thing.  Nominations came at a pretty busy time for me and I completely missed the boat.  I'm happy that the blogs I wanted to nominate were and amazed (and humbled) that I've been included with them. 

To whomever nominated me: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  The last couple weeks have been kind of hard for me for a variety of reasons so I can't even begin to say how much this has lifted my spirits.

The list of nominees can be found here.  You can vote for your choices, including me (which I'd heartily appreciate) if you're so inclined here:

Thank you again for the nomination and to anyone who votes for me.


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