Friday, September 16, 2011

Tech Savvy Genealogist Meme

I still haven't found the time to do the original '99 Genealogy Things' meme, but this meme was too interesting to pass up (and a lot less time consuming, which is a plus for me right now):

The Tech Savvy Genealogists' Meme

The list should be annotated in the following manner:
Things you have already done or found: bold face type
Things you would like to do or find: italicize
Things you haven’t done or found and don’t care to: plain type
Feel free to add extra comments in brackets after each item

Which of these apply to you?

  1. Own an Android or Windows tablet or an iPad
  2. Use a tablet or iPad for genealogy related purposes
  3. Have used Skype to for genealogy purposes - (I've used Skype but not for genealogical purposes)
  4. Have used a camera to capture images in a library/archives/ancestor's home
  5. Use a genealogy software program on your computer to manage your family tree - (right now RootsMagic 4 and Family Atlas; used to use Family Tree Builder and way back when, circa 1999, Family Tree Maker)
  6. Have a Twitter account - (I joined about five years ago.  Still have the account but never use it)
  7. Tweet daily - (See above.  Twitter and I just never clicked but if you like it, good for you)
  8. Have a genealogy blog
  9. Have more then one genealogy blog
  10. Have lectured/presented to a genealogy group on a technology topic
  11. Currently an active member of Genealogy Wise - (What do you mean by 'active?'  I try to go on about once a month)
  12. Have a Facebook Account - (again, I joined Facebook way back when and loved it.  Hardly ever on there though in the last two years or so, it is just way too cluttered for my tastes)
  13. Have connected with genealogists via Facebook 
  14. Maintain a genealogy related Facebook Page 
  15. Maintain a blog or website for a genealogy society 
  16. Have submitted text corrections online to Ancestry, Trove or a similar site - (Thus far, the only corrections I've submitted are for people I'm related to)
  17. Have registered a domain name - (I manage a registered domain name, actually three, does that count?)
  18. Post regularly to Google+ (not very regularly but I love Google+ - it is like Facebook in the early days, only better)
  19. Have a blog listed on Geneabloggers
  20. Have transcribed/indexed records for FamilySearch or a similar project (Yes, and I've got an accuracy of 98% at FamilySearch Indexing, something I'm irrationally proud of)
  21. Own a Flip-Pal or hand-held scanner (Maybe some day, right now I'm happy using my camera and iPod Touch)
  22. Can code a webpage in .html - (Yes, and I can make CSS style sheets as well)
  23. Own a smartphone - (I've got an iPod Touch, that has to count for something, right?)
  24. Have a personal subscription to one or more paid genealogy databases - (Yes: Fold3, GenealogyBank and Ancestry.  Luckily, they were all gifts, otherwise I'd have to get another job just to pay for them all...)
  25. Use a digital voice recorder to record genealogy lectures (I did once, but either never remember or always get denied permission)
  26. Have contributed to a genealogy blog carnival
  27. Use Chrome as a Browser
  28. Have participated in a genealogy webinar
  29. Have taken a DNA test for genealogy purposes - (Yes.  My parents through 23andMe, myself through FamilyTreeDNA)
  30. Have a personal genealogy website 
  31. Have found mention of an ancestor in an online newspaper archive 
  32. Have tweeted during a genealogy lecture 
  33. Have scanned your hard copy genealogy files 
  34. Use an RSS Reader to follow genealogy news and blogs - (GoogleReader)
  35. Have uploaded a gedcom file to a site like Geni, MyHeritage or Ancestry (Yes, and I since regret doing it.  I've since taken down what I had at Geni and made my Ancestry trees private )
  36. Own a netbook - (Use to want one, now I've got my eye on an iPad)
  37. Use a computer/tablet/smartphone to take genealogy lecture notes (I've used my iPod Touch and laptop, but prefer regular old pen and paper.  However, I am a huge fan of the Dragon program and have it on all my devices - makes note taking much easier)
  38. Have a profile on LinkedIn that mentions your genealogy habit
  39. Have developed a genealogy software program, app or widget 
  40. Have listened to a genealogy podcast online
  41. Have downloaded genealogy podcasts for later listening
  42. Backup your files to a portable hard drive
  43. Have a copy of your genealogy files stored offsite - (My parents have copies on flash drives, but I haven't updated those in quite awhile)
  44. Know about Rootstech
  45. Have listened to a Blogtalk radio session about genealogy
  46. Use Dropbox, SugarSync or other service to save documents in the cloud 
  47. Schedule regular email backups - (Not as often as I'd like)
  48. Have contriibuted to the FamilySearch Wiki
  49. Have scanned and tagged your genealogy photographs - (Many I have, still have a ways to go though)
  50. Have published a genealogy book in an online/digital format - (It is a goal for 2012)
Clearly the social networking aspect is not my strong suit, mainly because I just don't have the time or desire to have a presence on all the sites.  If I ever become a professional or speaker, I'd invest more into it.

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