Saturday, October 1, 2011

Least Favorite Foods: 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History

(This week's prompt has to do with least favorite foods:)

I was always the weird picky kid who didn't like what everyone else did and loved what everyone else hated.  My favorite foods were (and are) Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, onions and anything super spicy or super salty.  The short list of the long list of least favorites are:

Tomatoes:  My Italian ancestors are probably ashamed, but I loathe tomatoes and always have.  It is my number one least favorite food.  In fact, I hate anything that has tomatoes in it.  Keep your nasty ketchup away from me and my fries and that goes double for ruining my pasta with marinara.  If the pizza has enough other toppings I'll stomach the tomato sauce... but I'd rather not.
Peas:  My father loves peas and it was frequently at the dinner table growing up.  I had them every way: with butter and garlic salt, brown sugar, plain, you name it.  And I hated it every time.  Now I actually don't mind peas as an ingredient in things and my grandmother's pea salad is out of the world awesome.
Cottage Cheese:  I have never liked cottage cheese and to this day, nothing brings out my gag reflex quite as strongly.  It also happens to be one of my father's favorite things so you can imagine how big a part of my childhood meals it unfortunately was.
Hard boiled Eggs:  I grew up choking down the egg salad sandwiches my mother would give me for lunch and for years thought I hated eggs because of it - turns out I just can't stand hard boiled eggs and anything with them in it.  Yuck.
Hamburger: I was never a big meat-eater beyond pepperoni on my pizza and hamburger was the most disgusting.  I wouldn't eat it unless it was covered in cheese and even then it could be challenging.  A month after my eleventh birthday I became a vegetarian (and still happily am) and my dislike for hamburger played a big part in that easy decision.
Wine/Champagne:  I never liked grape juice or grape-flavored anything and this holds especially true for wine.  I'm the black sheep in my mother's family of grape growers and vintners and my father's Italian ancestors probably wouldn't think too highly of my tastes either.  My mother would give me tastes of wine at special family functions growing up - I think I took her up on her offer once in all those years.  She wasn't surprised though and always said I would grow to like it.  Nope.  I tried it again as a teenager and several times more in my 21st year thinking I could make myself like it but it just hasn't happened.
Apricots:  My grandmother would always make me an English muffin with apricot jam on it.  Then I would secretly scrape off the jam and enjoy the muffin.  It wasn't until I was in high school that I actually tasted an apricot and then realized that I probably dislike them even more than that awful jam.
Corn on the Cobb   Though it was never a favorite, I actually didn't mind it growing up.  Then I got braces when I was eleven and it became too much of a chore to eat and clean out of my orthodontia later.  The braces came off two years later and I still wouldn't eat the corn on the cobb and still don't (I just cut it off the cobb).  I never liked messy foods though so that could explain it.
Creamed Corn:  Another form of corn I never liked.  To be kind to those of you who actually like the stuff I'll refrain from saying what it reminds me of (hint: it is a bodily function that starts with a 'v.')

Spinach, avocados and bananas are other foods I disliked growing up, but then grew to love.

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