Saturday, October 1, 2011

SNGF: List Your Matrilineal Line

This week's prompt via Genea-Musings is:

"1) List your matrilineal line - your mother, her mother, etc. back to the first identifiable mother. Note: this line is how your mitochondrial DNA was passed to you!
2) Tell us if you have had your mitochondrial DNA tested, and if so, which Haplogroup you are in.
3) Post your responses on your own blog post, in Comments to this blog post, or in a Status line on Facebook or in your Stream at Google Plus.
4)  If you have done this before, please do your father's matrilineal line, or your grandfather's matrilineal line, or your spouse's matriliuneal line."

I know I've already written, ad nauseam, about my matrilineal line and mtDNA haplogroup (it is K1a4a1 by the way) and I know so little about my father's maternal line.  So, here is maternal grandfather's matrilineal line:

1) Everett Heman Shinn (1925, Stockton, San Joaquin, CA - 2000, Sacramento, Sacramento, CA)
2) Gladys Viola Healey (1898, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA - 1998, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA)
3) Katherine Nielsen (1875, Mt. Eden, Alameda, CA - 1918, Alameda, Alameda, CA)
4) Engeline Christine Petersen (1857, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany - probably Dageb├╝ll - 1932, Alameda, Alameda, CA)

And, my paternal grandfather's line:

1) Harry James Allen (1927, Jackson, MI - 2003, Columbus, Muscogee, GA)
2) Daisy May Croad (1896, Montcalm or Mecosta Co., MI - 1990, Pinellas Co., FL)
3) Mary Stokes (1867, Hafodrinog, Glamorgan, Wales - 1923, Millbrook, Mecosta, MI)
4) Charlotte Shepstone (circa 1827, Churchill, Somerset, England - 1896, Somerset, England)
5) Sarah Shoe/Shew (circa 1806, likely Churchill, Somerset, England - circa 1832, Churchill, Somerset, England)
6) Mary UNK. (circa 1776, likely Churchill, Somerset, England - aft.1841, likely Churchill, Somerset, England)

I have not had these mtDNA lines tested and I don't believe any other carriers have either.  Luckily, I was able to "cross the pond" without the assistance of DNA testing, but I'd still love to learn more about Engeline and Mary.

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