Saturday, December 3, 2011

SNGF: Christmas/Birthday Wishes

Dear Genea-Santa,

I know I'm probably not your favorite person because you always have to leave off a birthday present under the tree as well as the Christmas goodies, but I promise I've been good this year!

I've been better about sourcing.  In fact, I created a whole new tree from scratch and am only adding people, dates and events that are fully sourced.  I'm also working of a family history book (albeit slowly) and am doing my best to stay organized.  I'm trying to make you proud, Genea-Santa, I really am!

For Christmas/Birthday I would like:

  • RootsMagic 5.  I have version 4 and the update is the #1 thing I want this year. (Disclosure: I paid for version 4 all by my little old self and am in no way affiliated with RootsMagic.  I like their product, that is all.)
  • Indiana Genealogical Society.  I want a membership.  In fact, I've wanted one for a few years but somehow it always fell through the cracks.  All the branches of my grandmother's family tree passed through the Hoosier state at one point, hence my interest in IGS.
  • NGS Home Study Course.  Yeah, this one is a biggie.  Even with my member discount it is expensive (but I believe worth the cost).  I'm only asking for the first CD this year. (Disclosure: I have no affiliation with NGS.  I joined last July, with my own dinero, and it was the best "genea-decision" I ever made).
  • Evidence Explained, 2nd Edition.  I've wanted this one for awhile and even though edition 3 is likely in the pipeline, I'm asking for it now. (Disclosure: I have no affiliation with the publisher, author or Amazon.)  
Other things I'd love:
  • A research trip to Alameda County - especially the half dozen cemeteries where my ancestors are buried.
  • My great-grandfather's SS-5.  He would have been 120 last April so *knock wood* there won't be a problem getting ALL the information I'm paying for
  • A naturalization record for just one ancestor.  Seriously.  I have never had such bad luck as I seem to have with naturalization records.  They either aren't available or not where they're supposed to be. 
  • And, of course, the answers to some of my biggest brick-wall ancestors: (Maria) Nicoletta Riccia? Dutchi? Lapiccirella (1892-1987), Heman Doyle (1809-1881), Priscilla Mason Webb (1822-1863) and a host of others.
Thank you, Genea-Santa, for what ever Christmas/Birthday treasures you might bring me.  And thank you, Randy, for this week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun!

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