Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Where Is It?

I recently found some more family photos.  Unfortunately, most of them aren't labeled - including this one:

There is a flag of California in the picture, but I cannot place it further.  I'm thinking the Bay Area, maybe Golden Gate Park?  Another possibility is the fact that the 1915 World's Fair was held in San Francisco, though I think this might have been taken later than that (based on the clothing).

Anyone with any knowledge (or guesses) of this place, please contact me - I'd really appreciate any clues!


  1. For what this is worth (I've done a fair amount of research on the 1915 Exposition in San Francisco.)I agree that it isn't the Worlds Fair. I agree with you on the clothes. I think the architectural style is slightly off. The domes at the fair were generally rounded as opposed to the more conical style in the photo. Second, I think the vegetation and layout is wrong. The fair had wide avenues. but there were clearly defined by distinctive plantings like the Avenue of the Palms. That doesn't seem to be the case in the photo. Unfortunately, I can't suggest where the building might be. Good luck in trying to find out.

  2. Is that a photo of a horse and jockey on the shed, suggesting this might be a race track?

  3. I was up for the challenge and used Google images and the following key words: race track, horse, California, and post card, spent 30 min. going through them, but nothing looked like your photo. I so wanted to find out what it is and where.


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