Sunday, July 15, 2012

NGS Courses

My membership in the National Genealogical Society recently came up for renewal and once I finished paying my dues, I noticed something new.  Well, new to me at least, and apparently I'm a bit behind the eight ball because they have been out awhile: online/PDF courses (besides the Home Study course).

I am actually surprised these haven't gotten more press (beyond NGS's blog) online.  The most interesting ones to me were Working with Deeds and Introduction to Religious Records.  The cost is $70 to non-members and $45 to members for each course.

I'm seriously thinking about ordering one.  Has anyone tried these, and if so, what did you think?  My only apprehension is if they are geared towards brand new beginners, I might not get a whole lot out of the course.  I think this might be the case with Introduction to Religious Records (the title kind is a tip-off).  But I like that it has a section on the Quakers, so I might get it anyway.  And, since it is NGS, I'm bound to learn something useful.

One thing I really like about each of the courses is that they include how to create a proper source citation for a record in that particular set.

Have you taken a course through NGS?  Did you enjoy it?  Did you learn a lot?  Which course(s) would you recommend (the Home Study course is a given)?

Disclosure:  I am a paying member of NGS and have no affiliation with them beyond my membership.  I received no remuneration of any kind from anyone for writing this post.

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