Sunday, July 1, 2012

Searching Ohio in 1940

I was ecstatic when I learned Ancestry had recently released the 1940 US Census for Ohio because it meant I could finally find my grandmother... right?  Not so much.  I spent a good while looking for the family in early April when the unindexed images were first released.  I thought they'd be easy since I knew their address and their enumeration district (which was small).  I never did find them, and apparently Ancestry's indexers haven't either.  If they weren't at 706 Oak St., SW Warren, Trumbull, Ohio then I don't have a clue where they were in 1940.  It is looking like they just weren't enumerated (or were enumerated elsewhere for whatever reason).

I thought MAYBE they were enumerated with my great-grandfather's brother, Nicola, and his family (also in Warren).  Alas, no.  But at least Nicola's family was enumerated:

And looky there, Nicola (enumerated as 'Nicholas') was one of the chosen few asked supplemental questions!

No big discoveries there, I already knew his parents (and he) were from Italy and thereby deduced that the language of his childhood was Italian.  I did not, however, know that he had a social security number.  If SS-5s weren't so expensive I might order his (I already have his brother's/my great-grandfather's).

Thanks, Ancestry!  It isn't my grandmother and her family, but it is the next best thing.

Disclosure:  I have no affiliation whatsoever with, though I am a subscriber to the site.  I also have no affiliation with NARA.  I received no remuneration of any kind from anybody for writing this post.

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