Monday, February 17, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Jane Montgomery Wood

(Another entry in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge)

I almost made this entry about Jane's son, Charles, who I know a fair bit about.  But, then I realized that I never have really written much about Charles' mother.

I actually don't know much about Jane, but I'd love to change that.  She was born around 6 August, 1816 (this is a calculated date based on her death record) in County Cavan, Ireland.  I believe Jane's parents were John M. Montgomery and Ann Williamson.

Jane and Charles Wood had their first known child in 1842.  About ten years later the family relocated to Canada to join relatives.  The family settled in the Ayr area of North Dumfries, Waterloo, Ontario.  Sometime before 1871, the family moved a few miles south to South Dumfries.

Sometime before 1881, Jane moved to Blenheim, Oxford, Ontario.  At the time of the 1891 Census of Canada, Jane was living with her daughter in Fort Erie, Welland, Ontario.  However, Jane was in Blenheim again when she died two years later, on 18 February 1893.

Jane was buried at St. George United Church Cemetery in South Dumfries along with her husband, Charles, who had died in 1863.  Jane and Charles had eight known children in all: William, Charles S., Alexander, John, James, Andrew, George D. and Jane.

In the 1861 Census of Canada, the family gives their religion as Church of England.  In all subsequent census records, however, Jane gives a variation on Methodist.

Jane's son, Charles S. Wood, was my third great-grandfather.

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