52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Peter Doyle

(This is my first foray into the 52 Weeks Challenge.  Hopefully I can keep it going throughout the year...)

I know very little about Peter Doyle.  His son, Heman, said Peter was born in Ireland, but Peter's US Army enlistment record lists Plymouth, England as his birthplace.

I don't know who Peter's parents were either, or when he arrived in the US.  He was born around 1770 and married Rebecca Swena/Sweeney sometime before 1810.  Their son, Heman, was born on 31 Dec 1809 in Arlington, Bennington, Vermont.  Peter also had at least two other children, Aaron and Mary Paulina.

On 2 March 1814 in Bennington, Vermont, Peter enlisted as a Musician in Capt. William S. Foster's Co. of the 11th US Infantry.  During the Siege of Fort Erie, Peter was wounded by a cannon ball and subsequently died from his injuries on 14 September, 1814.  Due to Peter's service and death in action, his three children received a pension between 1821 and 1826.

Peter's widow, Rebecca, remarried in 1819 to Joseph S. Bacon.  They had several children and eventually settled in Sauk Co., Wisconsin.

I do not know what happened to either Aaron or Mary Paulina.  Peter's son, Heman, eventually came west to California with some of his Bacon relatives.  Rebecca died in 1867; Heman died in 1881.  Heman was my 4th great-grandfather.

I've seen several alternative spellings for Doyle, including: Dail, Doil, Dale and Doyel.  Heman always went by Doyle, whether that was the actual original spelling/pronounciation I do not know.

I have tried to order Peter's pension records from NARA but they could find nothing.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to get these records, I'd love to hear them.


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