Sunday, July 13, 2014

128 Greats

I've lately refocused some more attention on the genetic aspect of genealogy.  It is just as fascinating, impressive, frustrating and confusing as ever.  Since most of my matches are around the 5th cousin mark, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of my 128 4th great-grandparents and where they lived in terms of current geography (these are mostly my ancestors alive in the 18th Century):

Allan/Allen (Scotland or Ireland)
Beam (New Jersey, USA; Ontario, Canada after Revolutionary War)
Bell (New Jersey, USA; Ontario, Canada after Revolutionary War)
Boon (Somerset, England)
Clements (Ireland)
Croad (Dorset, England)
D'Accia (likely Puglia, Italy)
Di Milo (likely Puglia, Italy)
Gibbons (Dorset, England)
Horton (Ontario, Canada; likely New York, USA pre-Revolutionary War)
Lapiccirella (likely Puglia, Italy)
Montgomery (N. Ireland)
Old (Dorset, England)
Rendle (Dorset or Somerset, England)
Rogers (Dorset, England)
Scarano (likely Puglia, Italy)
Shepstone/Shipton/Shipston (Somerset, England)
Shoe/Shew (Somerset, England)
Stokes (Somerset, England)
Tizzard/Tyzzard/Tissard (Dorset, England)
Williamson (N. Ireland)
Wood (Ireland, N. Ireland)

That is 22 names out of a possible 64.  Of those 42 unknowns, 28 are from my Italian grandmother's side.

Asay (New Jersey, USA)
Barger/Berger (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)
Brunner (Canton Bern, Switzerland)
Buhler (Canton Bern, Switzerland)
Chapple/Chaple/Chappel (likely Virginia, USA)
Collins (Rhode Island to Massachusetts to Vermont to New York, USA)
Doyle (unknown, Vermont, USA as of 1810)
Ellis (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Gibson (Lincolnshire, England)
Haley/Healy/Healey (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Harris (Virginia, USA)
Herbert (New Jersey, USA)
Hilton (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Hudson (Virginia, USA)
Jackman (New Hampshire, USA)
Leet/Leete (unknown, Indiana, USA by 1820)
Lester/Luster/Laster/Louster (likely Virginia, USA)
Kupper/Kupher (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)
Mason (unknown, likely North Carolina, USA)
Matz (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)
Mott (New York, USA)
Nielsen (unknown, Denmark or Germany)
Petersen (unknown, Denmark or Germany)
Rose (New York, USA)
Schmoker (Canton Bern, Switzerland)
Scott (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Shinn (New Jersey, USA)
Smith x2 (New York, USA)
Swena/Swaney/Sweeney (Connecticut, USA)
Tock (Lincolnshire, England)
vonAllmen (Canton Bern, Switzerland)
Wadd (Lincolnshire, England)
Webb (unknown, Indiana, USA by 1820)
Wellons/Wellens (Virginia, USA)

That is 35 out of a possible 64.  In all, 57 of a total 128 surnames are thought to be known.  I'm hoping to update this as I make breakthroughs.

One thing that has become clear is that I made a huge false assumption with many of my matches.  Oddly, the majority of my matches have always been centered in the southern portion of the US.  Since I only have, on paper, one maternal great-grandparent with southern roots, I always thought these matches were through her line.  However, when I recently uploaded my father's 23andMe results to FamilyTreeDNA, I was surprised to see that many of those matches were actually also matches of his.  I certainly have my work cut out for me - good thing it is such fun "work!"

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  1. I'm just a little envious at your great long lists. Maybe some day I'll know the names of so many of my direct-line ancestors, too!


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