Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday Night Fun: Easter Eggs

The directions (from Genea-Musings):
"1. Pick a place that you have ancestry, but don't know much about.
2. Go to Google (or your favorite search engine) and put in the place name, the state name, and the words "genealogy" and "society." For example my search string is going to be [mccook nebraska genealogy society]. Don't use mine - use your own!
3. Go to the web site that looks the most interesting or promising, and search for data about your ancestor(s) that lived there.
4. Did you find anything new or interesting? If so - those are your genealogy Easter Eggs! Enjoy them - browse some more! If not, try again with another place name.
5. Tell us all about it on your blog, or in comments to this blog."

This was a toughy because I've pretty well exhausted the resources on the home towns of my direct ancestors. I have recently been looking for information on the other branches of my Rose family though. My great-grandmother x4 was Mary Johanna Rose, the daughter of Charlotte Clara Smith and William Lucius Rose. William was the son of Capt. Joseph Rose and Barbary Egburson, who were prominent in early New York. William had several siblings who had families of their own and the branch I've most recently been researching is the one that went to Monmouth County, New Jersey and settled in Matawan. Here was the search I did: "matawan new jersey 'joseph rose'" on Google. I included Joseph Rose and put him in parenthesis so that I would be sure and get him in any of my hits. The first result of promise I saw was for a Google Book on Matawan. I clicked on it and got my first "Easter egg!" Turns out there is a Rose St. and a cemetery in Matawan named for Joseph and there was even a picture of Joseph's home in Cliffwood (an area of Matawan). I also found out a bit of info on my Joseph Rose too in this book. Turns out he served in the New York State Assembly and was responsible for the purchase of Central Park! *Excuse me while I go do a happy dance* The next result I found was from the New York Times Archive and it was an obituary for Joseph's wife, Frances Stanton (Willett)! The next thing I found was a PDF on Rose St. in Matawan which also offered some new info on Joseph. If any family members find this: this Joseph Rose was the son of Joseph Rose and Frances Stanton and the nephew of William Lucius Rose. Therefore the Joseph Rose of Matawan was the first cousin of my Mary Johanna Rose Mott. When I have time I plan on going on more Easter egg/genealogy hunts like this. This exercise certainly lived up to its title and provided some nice Saturday Night Fun for me!

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