Saturday Night Fun: Show Your Genealogy Space

I didn't participate in the Saturday Night Fun last week so this is a bit of a return for me. This week's challenge is to talk about our genealogy spaces (the places where we do genealogy work or store our genealogy work and resources). Sadly, I won't be taking any pictures of my space, though I can tell a bit about my genealogy space (the 3rd part of the challenge). As I've mentioned before, I don't have many paper files. That's why I'm not taking any pictures, because all it would just be pictures of would be my flash drives, laptop and desktop PC. Most of my work is done on my desktop because I prefer the larger screen and mouse (I don't have one for my laptop). Then I save that work to my flash drives. I like to keep my flash drives with my laptop so that if I have time between work or school, I can do genealogy research while having all of my previous work at my finger tips. I also try and keep duplicate flash drives with my desktop, that way (heaven forbid!), if I lose the ones with my laptop or my laptop case gets stolen, I won't be up doodoo creek! It typically doesn't take me very long to find any of my digital files which is why I think this system works for me and I'll keep it this way (and paper free).

Obviously I also have original documents, pictures and papers, but I'm also not going to take pictures of those because of the shame that is attached with how I've organized (or lack there of) them. Last spring my grandmother gave a grocery paper bag of her old pictures and documents. Every since then I have been collecting other family documents and adding them to the, erm... grocery bag. I am trying to organize it all though and once I have I will take pictures. Since I'm on Spring Break all this week, now is the perfect time to do that! To think, when I sat down I thought this post would be a bit of a bust and now I've got a project to go get started on! In fact, I'll go get started on organizing all that stuff now and maybe if I'm really motivated I'll actually scan it all!

...okay, maybe I'm not that motivated. But I will try and get everything organized at least!


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