Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Do List

During Spring Break awhile back I went through and organized my genealogy data and resources. While going through it all I stumbled across a "to do/get list" from several months ago. While reading it I was a little disheartened to see that I still hadn't done/gotten most of the things on there. However, finding the list helped remind me about how important they are in genealogical research. Since finding the list I've updated it and crossed off the (few) things I have accomplished since I originally made it. I was also thinking that it would be a good idea to post the "most wanted" ones online, that way if anyone else out there is researching these names and has these records that I'm after it'll save me from tracking them down:

(Note: "b" means birth record, "d" means death record, "o" means obituary and "m" mean marriage record, "l" means land record)

Susanna vonAllmen Berger: d and o; June 1932, Alameda Co., California.
George Washington Wellons: d and o; Feb 1932, Siskiyou Co., California
Mary Anna Webb Wellons: d and o; May 1926, Siskiyou Co., CA
John C. Wellons: d and o; Nov 1978, Siskiyou Co., CA
Sarah/Sadie Wellons Benson: d and o; Apr 1916/17, Siskiyou Co., CA
George W. Wellons and Mary Anna Webb: m; June 1878, LaPlata Co., CO
Christian vonAllmen/Allmen: l; 1841-1860, Richland Co., IL
Andrew Webb: d and o (if possible); Nov 1902, Siskiyou Co., CA
Tock/Tuck: all; 1850-, Washington Co., ME
Mary Gertrude Mott Healey: d and o; July 1927, San Francisco Co., CA
Frank Doyle Smith: d and o; May 1929, Alameda Co., CA
Lauren Everett Healey: d and o; Feb 1959, Santa Clara Co., CA
Comfort Healey: d; Apr 1910, San Francisco Co., CA
Katherine Nielsen Healey: d; Mar 1918, Alameda Co., CA
Engeline Petersen Nielsen: d; Feb 1932, Alameda Co., CA
John Chapple Wellons: d and o(?); Jan 1896, Warren Co., CA
Harry James Allen: d and o(?); Feb 2003, Muscogee Co., GA
Giuseppe Lapiccirella: d and o; Aug 1973, Trumbull Co., OH
Nicoletta Daccia Lapiccirella: d and o; Feb 1987, Trumbull Co., OH
Nicola Lapiccirella: d and o; Sep 1958, Trumbull Co., OH
Samuel Lapiccirella: d and o; Aug 2001, Cass Co., MO
Theresa Lapiccirella Liguori: d and o; June 1998, Trumbull Co., OH
Mary Stokes Croad: d and o; June 1923, Montcalm Co., MI
Frederick Rendle Croad: d and o; Sep 1932, Montcalm Co., MI
Marion Wood Allen, Joseph James Allen: d and o; Michigan
Marion Wood: b; Feb 1871, Jackson Co., MI
Eleanor Wood Cook: d and o; 1965, Montcalm Co., MI
Frank Croad: d and o; Jan 1972, Harrison Co., MS
James Allen: d and o; Apr 1924, Mahoning Co., OH
Joseph Allen: d and o; Mar 1918, Trumbull Co., OH
Shinn: l; 1850-, San Joaquin and El Dorado Co., CA
John Grant Allen: b; May 1869, Trumbull Co., OH

When I have more time this summer I plan on doing some traveling (probably within California) and contacting the appropriate libraries, RAOGK and other resources to get them.

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