Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Traditions NOT to Pass On

Well, well, I go away for vacation for a couple days and apparently all heck broke loose! Genealogy Wise went down for awhile, I guess there was a contest there that made a big mess and now one of my favorite blogs is gone (Hill Country of Monroe County). Since so much time has passed since these events happened and I'm so late to the party (or should I say wake?) on this one (and for other reasons) I'm not going to write about any of it except to say that I'll miss Hill Country and I still like Genealogy Wise.

So instead I'll write about something that doesn't have anything really to do with genealogy but can maybe manipulate into something about warped family traditions (I'm creative that way). For some reason everyone in my family has suffered an inordinate amount of broken toes and I think today was my turn. It is like some strange tradition that every year someone in my family breaks a toe and I'm just a little surprised the "curse" hadn't reached me before. It really is my own fault though (note to self: next time wear shoes when going out at dawn, half-awake and PO'd to feed the crowing chickens). And to all my neighbors, I'm sorry if you woke up around 6am to a stream of expletives coming from the general vicinity of my yard...

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