Thursday, July 9, 2009

GenealogyWise (or is it Genealogy Wise now?)

So, I bit the bullet and joined yesterday (I wasn't going to because I knew I didn't have the time for it). The site is actually a whole mess of fun and I'm having a hard time tearing myself away from it (just what I was afraid of!). Unlike some, I won't be leaving Facebook because of GenealogyWise mainly because genealogy has next no presence on my Facebook page to begin with. I do think I'll be spending more time on GenealogyWise, at least for now, just because I can't seem to NOT find things to do (and hours to waste) there now!

I think GenealogyWise has a lot of promise and I have been having fun creating groups, mainly based on geographical locations where I have roots. The only problems I've been having are that it seems like I have to CONSTANTLY re-sign-in and the site has gone down once or twice (I think this is due to how quickly it is growing). I joined Facebook back in 2006 when it was in its infancy and really simple (with none of those annoying third-party applications!) and this new GenealogyWise reminds me of that old Facebook which, I think, might be another reason why I like it so well. It is also why I'm a little worried about GenealogyWise turning into the present incarnation of Facebook, especially since applications (though there are some good applications, I'll admit) can also be found on GenealogyWise. It'll be interesting to see what direction GenealogyWise goes in in the long run, but for now I highly recommend the site and if anyone out there is thinking about joining I highly recommend that too (or at least go check it out!).

You can find me on the site here:

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