Saturday, January 23, 2010

Free Newspaper Databases Updated

The other day I was looking for an obituary for a recently deceased cousin when I came across an article on her marriage in the 1970s in GoogleNews.  Apparently they've updates their offerings to include the Lodi News-Sentinel among others.  I also found my great-great-grandmother's obituary in the Berkeley Daily Gazette from 1932.  I don't know how many newspapers they've added or even if they added any outside of California but if you haven't checked GoogleNews' newspaper archives lately, I suggest going over there and looking again.

Thanks to Greta, I also found out the Library of Congress' Chronicling America has been updated.  Of interest to me are the Sacramento papers they've added, the new San Francisco paper they've added and the Canfield, Ohio paper which is also new to me.  It seems like they've mostly added Texas papers but none for the area I'm interested in (Fannin Co.). This database from the LoC has and continues to be a favorite for me, it is great that they are continuing to add to it.

While newspaper articles aren't without errors, I like them a lot because they usually give clues and tidbits which can jumpstart my research.  It is because of that that whenever I hit a slump in my research I look for relatives in newspapers first.

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