Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Transcription Monday: Mott Memoir Part 3

This was supposed to have posted yesterday but that didn't happen (thanks, Blogger!) so here it is, a day late and a dollar short (the next transcription will be longer).

New York

After our return to New York I became more reconciled to my new home.  My Grandmother was very kind to me though I always stood a little in awe of her.  She was a dignified old lady, very erect in spite of her seventy off years.  She was always dressed in black with a white kerchief and cap, her grey hair was cut short and she had a black false front, sometimes she had a pain in her head, then she would take off her cap and have me brush her hair, she thought it relieved her.  I used to amuse myself when we were alone by brushing it into all sorts of fantastic ways.  It was stained green by some linament she rubbed on her head and it looked very queer.

I asked her once why she had so much pain in her head and she told me that when she heard of her son being killed by Indians in Florida she had such a shock it made her very ill and she never had been quite well since.  I do not know much about this son except that he was named George and was quite a young man when he was shot.

Our cousin Rosalie Feeks lived with us.  She was about twenty years old then.  She had a sweet amiable disposition and was so kind to me I soon became very fond of her and went to her with all my childish troubles.  She seemed to take my mother's place.


Next section: School Days which spans the rest of Estrella's time in New York to her leaving for Hawaii in 1848.

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