Saturday, January 8, 2011

Other mtDNA Carriers

I'm in the midst of the worst part of DNA testing: the waiting.  I expect my results to come in February so in the meantime, I have to amuse myself by analyzing my family tree to see which other carriers there are/were in each generation.  Starting with my mtDNA, my furthest back definite ancestor is Priscilla Mason (whose mother is generally considered to be Nancy Moore but I'd still like some more sources to support it), born in 1822 in Lawrence Co., Indiana.  The first number in parenthesis denotes the total number of people with that mtDNA in that generation, the second number denotes the number of females who carry that mtDNA in that generation.

Priscilla's descendants (aka people who share my mtDNA):
  • Generation 1.  She married Andrew Webb and had ten children, five of which were female: Nancy Ann, Sarah Elizabeth, Martha Maranda ("Matt"), Mary Anna. (10, 5)
  • Generation 2.  Of these, only Nancy Ann and Mary Anna are known to have had children. Nancy married Elijah Wiley and had three children; Mary Anna married George Washington Wellons and had eight children.  (11, 6)
  • Generation 3.  Nancy only had one daughter, Cora Wiley and I don't know if she ever had children or not.  Mary Anna's daughters Hermosa Florita ("Flo") and Fleeda Leone did not have children.  Mary Anna's daughter Sarah Elizabeth ("Sadie") married Charles Andrew Benson and had two children.  Mary Anna's daughter Edna Mae married William B. Thomas and had four children.  Mary Anna's daughter Georgiana married Gideon Gottlieb Berger and had three children.  (9, 5)
  • Generation 4.  Sadie's daughter Elizabeth ("Sister") married William Lax and had three children.  Edna's three daughters (who are still living) had collectively eight children.  Georgiana's daughter (my grandmother) had two children.  (13, 7)
  • Generation 5.  I met "Sister's" daughter and know she has children and grandchildren but have no idea how many or if she had any daughters, likewise with Edna's five granddaughters.  I am the only one of Georgiana's descendants who carries her mtDNA in generation 6.
As far as I know, I am the only carrier of Priscilla's mtDNA to be tested.  I am in haplogroup K and am awaiting the results of the 23andme test my mother took which will refine and expand upon my previous results (I only did the HVR1 test).

I plan on doing this same sort of thing for my Y-DNA (or more correctly, my father's Y-DNA).  But, there are so many mysteries on that side that I fear I'll be trying to figure it all out for awhile.

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