Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Finds

(c. 2010, don't know how good I'll be about sticking to this on a weekly basis, but I had an exceptionally good week when it comes to discovering new websites and wanted to write about them.  So here goes:
  • Did you know that Maricopa County, Arizona has records and files dating back to 1871 and that they are digitized and available to look at online?  My great-great-grandmother's sister, Nancy A. Webb Massey Wiley, settled in Phoenix in the 1880s and lived there for the rest of her life.  Thanks to this find I was able to read her probate records and learn more about her, her husband, her children and her step-children.  I was also able to find deeds and assorted other records pertaining to the family here. 
  • Arizona also has birth and death records online here (for births that happened more than 75 years ago and deaths that occured more than 50 years ago). 
  • I already knew about the Western States Marriage Records from BYU but I'd forgotten about it (mainly because it is rather sparse on California records).  But I'm glad I gave it another shot because I was FINALLY able to find the marriage information for my great-great-great-grandmother's sister who was married in El Dorado Co. in 1857. 
  • In looking for information on the Masons in my family who went to Texas, I found the East Texas Genealogical Society.  Most of my 3rd great-grandmother's siblings went to Smith Co. around 1850 and I have been wanting to find more information on them in the hopes that it might lead to more information on their mysterious parents, Samuel Mason and Nancy Moore. 
  • Another site I found specific to Smith Co. is the Smith County Historical Society.  I plan on writing to both the ETGS and the Society in hopes they might have something on my Masons. 
  • Kentucky land records including early warrants and patents.
  • Another Kentucky find was the Historical Society's website which includes many online databases.  

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