Saturday, February 5, 2011

February To-Dos

January was a pretty good month, I managed to get most of those goals either done or at the very least started.  I didn't get rid of as much as I wanted to though, but then again, I know the purging will be a long process.  For February:

Writing and Blogging:  Again, try and reach my minimum of six posts a month.  Also, I had a new writing project come come my way (that I'm really excited about) which means I'll have to put the books on hold for a bit.

Research: Concentrate on genetic genealogy matches.  My mother has over 300 and my father nearly that many at 23andMe.  Try and get in contact with most of them and try and find our common connection (I've already found a 7th cousin once removed there).

Organization: See January To-Dos.

Some things I did that weren't on my to-do list last month:

  • worked on my GoogleSites genealogy website, I'm starting to see it take shape and am really liking it.
  • worked on my RootsMagic database - hadn't touched this since Christmas!
  • attended an introduction to genetic genealogy webinar at Relative Roots.
  • got back to FamilySearch indexing (my present goal is 500 names by March 1)


  1. I do hope that "exciting writing project" is for us here at SJGS! LOL
    Look for a formal announcement on my blog. Coming soon to a theater near you!

  2. I'm using GoogleSites to build my genealogy website too. I'd love to trade ideas with you on how to structure it.

    And good work in January!


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